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Let’s chat Avigilon!

In case you missed it, we recently shared a couple of mini demo videos on our social channels:

How can you monitor static assets and trigger alarms within Avigilon when – for example – an AED is removed, or a door is opened?

How can you use our Teldio Edge Gateway to display any data on a camera feed within Avigilon Control Center?

But there’s more…

Did you know? With our Avigilon Integration, you can:

  • Trigger PTZ cameras to move to presets on Alarm trigger.
  • Display ANY data/text directly on the video camera feed.
  • Send video alarms to the appropriate individuals/groups based on conditions.
  • Have users/events remotely trigger a video alarm to start recording an incident.

We’d love to share details! Contact us today to learn more or to set up a demo.