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Large Shopping Mall Increases Staff Safety With Teldio

A large, high-end shopping mall with 24×7 onsite security was looking to increase the safety of their night shift security workers.

The objective?

Proactively and efficiently monitor lone security workers throughout their night shifts.

How was the objective achieved?

The Teldio Edge Gateway application was installed onto all radio devices, periodically pinging overnight security personnel to verify their well-being on set time intervals. This increased staff safety by:

  • Checking in on lone workers every 20 minutes with an automated text message verifying their well-being which they could respond with a pre-set text message.
  • Security staff had 10 minutes to respond. If after 5 minutes, they had not responded, the system sent a reminder that an alarm would be sounded in 5 minutes.
  • A raised alarm would trigger an email notification to the property manager and head of security. Dispatchers also had the ability to monitor the status via the LW dashboard.
  • An additional feature allowed users to press a preset button anytime during their shift to send a check-in message and reset the 20-minute timer.

The results?

Through the implementation of the Teldio Edge Gateway this large shopping mall was able to greatly increase their overnight security staff’s safety by proactively monitoring their well-being with set check-in notifications.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team to learn more about the Teldio Edge Gateway.