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JW Marriott San Antonio Enables Cost Saving Solutions While Increasing Staff Efficiency

The JW Marriott Hill Country Resort wanted to ensure that its new flagship property maintained and even exceeded its already high standards for guest satisfaction.

The challenge?

  • The system had to cover over 1,000 rooms, a conference center with 140,000 square feet of meeting space, a six-acre water park, 700- acre preserve, and a 36-hole TPC golf course.
  • Steve McGuire, Director of Engineering for the resort, wanted a two-way radio that would allow the hotel property to not only continue using the CRM, but make that software even more efficient.

With the old way, housekeeping would call the front desk, or the front desk would get a call from a guest. They would use a cell phone to call the right person and it might take ten minutes to reach them. With MOTOTRBO and Teldio, the process is rolling within 30 seconds. A couple of minutes can make all the difference in the world to the guest waiting for someone to show up and fix the problem. – Steve McGuire, Director of Engineering

How were the objectives achieved?

  • The JW Marriott Hill Country Resort chose Teldio’s Radio Branch Exchange (RBX +Plus) running on a MOTOTRBO platform alternatively to cellular push-to-talk technology.
  • MOTOTRBO digital portable radios with a six-channel Capacity Plus system were implemented.
    • The MOTOTRBO radios offer enhanced features, increased capacity, integrated data applications, exceptional voice quality and extended battery performance enabling over a thousand radio users to quickly and efficiently share voice and data communications on the same system without adding new frequencies.
  • This paired with Teldio’s RBX +Plus solution ensured that the JW Marriott San Antonio fully utilized its communication infrastructure investment by enabling radio users to talk directly to those connected through the hotel’s telephone system.
    • Four voice repeaters and two data repeaters dedicated to the CRM application were also installed, as well as the RBX +Plus telephone-to-radio interface that enabled employees or guests to use landline telephones to connect directly with radio users.


The results?

The hotel has saved $14,000 per month in service fees, significantly improved response time to guest requests, and achieved full return on investment within 18 months.

  • The new system eases the communication process and increases efficiency in responding to customer demands:
    • Leveraging the Teldio RBX +Plus enables third party convention services to contact radio users directly through cell or landline to meet guests’ needs.
    • Using a virtual receptionist, guests dialing in to the front desk are directed to the correct member of staff.
    • The Caller ID functionality that Teldio brings to all of the radios allows the staff to immediately identify the guests.
    • Text messaging also enables discrete communications, allowing employees to hear and respond to requests from the front desk without disturbing guests using Teldio’s solution.
    • Security staff can send a discrete pre-programmed security text message indicating incident in progress to every security radio on the property.

We were looking for new technology that would increase the efficiency of the hotel’s staff. We wanted the ability to call all employees with the push of a button, as well as the security of having our own system without having to rely on cell phones or paying monthly service fees. And we wanted radios that would integrate with the software and technology we are using. – Steve McGuire, Director of Engineering

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