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Introducing: Broadcast

Do you need to be able to push out notifications in real time to inform or alert team members? Broadcast makes this possible – a simple, cost effective application to send one way communications messages to radios, cell phones, and other devices as text messages or email.

Broadcast at a glance

  • Secure, simple web user interface
  • Integrates with the Teldio Edge Gateway
  • Individual messages as well as pre-set broadcast groups
  • Instant one way broadcast communication
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Other New Features

TruFleet: Track movement outside of operating hours

  • Ensure assets are not being used for personal or other business purposes by tracking vehicle movement outside of operating hours. Movement thresholds and operating hours are customizable, and email notifications are triggered when movement is detected.

TruDispatch: Alerts Tones

  • Do you want to distinguish between different types of audio broadcasts? Our new TruDispatch feature enables you to add an audio cue to alert radio users that a specific type of broadcast is being made to get their attention. Select from 3 different alert tones, with the option to add your own tone.

Reminder: Under Support Renewal, all new features are available free of charge.

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