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Fluid Edge Themes


Improve operational efficiency, increase employee safety and ensure emergency readiness

Applications for the Utilities Sector

Pressure on margins, increased uptime, worker safety, and customer satisfaction is consistently increasing. While it becomes harder to generate profitable growth, key stakeholders continue to expect the achievement of cost containment. Teldio apps leverage the facilities’ existing mobile communication network and building infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, increase employee safety and ensure emergency readiness.

GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

Always know where your vehicles and radios are by tracking them with GPS when outdoors and iBeacon Bluetooth technology when indoors. Easily show a device’s location on the web browsers, accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

TruDispatch Console

Streamline communication between employees in the field and the head office with the TDC. Whether they’re on the road or on a job site, the dispatch system allows you to communicate instantly with your mobile team, directly from your computer.

Telephone Interconnect

With RBX is an advanced telephone interconnect which allows users to make and receive private and group phone calls directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radios, offering familiar phone-like features, such as call history, phonebook, and caller ID.

Increase Productivity

Streamline communication between employees in the field and the head office ensure quick responses and turnaround time.


Frequent Use Case

Head office receive a notification that a power line is down and contact’s the appropriate mobile workers to attend to the situation.

Enhance Employee Safety

Ensure workers who are completing tasks in remote areas have the ability to contact their supervisor, a co-worker or 9-1-1 even in areas with poor cell phone coverage.


Frequent Use Case

A worker is in a remote area and suffers a fall, they are able to contact 9-1-1 ensuring a quick response to their location.

Ensure Emergency Readiness

Know the whereabouts of workers at all times to ensure a speedy, accurate response to emergency situations, whether they’re on the road or on a job site.


Frequent Use Case

A forest fire has started near one of your worker’s job sites, you are able to quickly locate employees and let them know to evacuate the area immediately.

  • Plant operators
  • Plant maintenance workers
  • Plant power engineers
  • Security guards
  • Field service engineers
  • Field electrical engineers
  • Supervisors, managers and superintendents

Teldio Apps have been tried and tested in both power generation and power transmission environments. We welcome the opportunity to share with you more information on additional use cases of frequent user groups in utility environments!

Bundle Teldio Apps to create your own tailored solution or check our Custom Development services!