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Improve staff and patient safety, and ensure rapid response to day-to-day and emergency situations

Applications for the Healthcare Industry

Patient health and safety are of the utmost priority in healthcare facilities. It is important that key members of the staff, such as security guards, maintenance workers, and administrative staff, are always connected and available in case of emergency. Teldio applications integrate seamlessly with campus-wide communication and security systems to increase operational efficiency, improve staff and patient safety, and ensure rapid response to day-to-day and emergency situations.

Alarm Management

Ensure your staff, patients and visitors are safe with AMS, an alarm management and notification application. AMS dispatch messages to the right users instantly without the need for user intervention (dispatcher).

Telephone Interconnect

With RBX users are able to make and receive private and group phone calls directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radios, offering familiar phone-like features, such as call history, phonebook, and caller ID.

Improve Employee Communication

Streamline communication among staff to ensure quick responses to alerts and emergencies. Teldio applications ensure multiple employees do not respond to the same work ticket.


Frequent Use Case

A patient has gone missing within the hospital and staff is able to send out a PA announcement from their radio to notify all staff.

Increase Patient & Staff Safety

Ensure both patients and staff safety with the implementation of Teldio applications. Easily allow employees to send alarms to the appropriate people when an emergency situation arises.


Frequent Use Case

A nurse is tending to a patient and suddenly they become violent, the nurse is able to send an alarm for help to other staff.

Decrease Response Times

Streamline communication among workers to ensure quick responses to patient requests and emergencies. Teldio applications ensure the right person receives the alarm.


Frequent Use Case

A patient is coding and all appropriate staff receive an emergency alarm allowing them to get there quickly.

  • Managers and team supervisors
  • Key administrative staff
  • Nursing staff
  • Physicians and specialists
  • Medical residents
  • Lab technicians
  • Maintenance workers
  • Cleaners
  • Security guards

Teldio Apps have been tried and tested in various healthcare environments. We welcome the opportunity to share with you more information and additional use cases!

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