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Increasing Remote Worker Safety for Utility Companies with Two-Way Radios

Worker safety is paramount for any organization, and in the case of a US-based utility company, ensuring the well-being of remote workers was a critical concern. To address this challenge, the company turned to Teldio’s innovative solution, the Teldio Edge Gateway, to proactively monitor and respond to potential accidents and falls. By implementing Teldio’s technology, the company was able to revolutionize its approach to worker safety across multiple locations.

The Objective

The utility company’s primary objective was to enhance their remote workers’ safety by actively monitoring their activities and promptly identifying falls or accidents. The goal was to deploy a solution that could quickly detect hazardous situations and initiate a response to mitigate potential harm.

The Solution

To achieve this objective, the company installed the Teldio Edge Gateway across all its locations. This allowed them to effectively track the movements of workers through their two-way radios. The Teldio Edge Gateway’s built-in accelerometers (motion sensors) played a crucial role in detecting various movement patterns and orientations, such as lack of movement or horizontal tilting. When the accelerometers detected certain conditions, the following steps were taken:

  • Pre-Alarm Tones: In cases where movement anomalies were detected, the two-way radios emitted pre-alarm tones for 20 seconds. Users had the option to cancel these pre-alarms in instances of false alarms.
  • Alarm Escalation: If the pre-alarm tones were not canceled within the stipulated time, the system triggered an alarm. This alarm initiation followed a multi-tiered escalation process, including the following:
    • Radio Text Message: A text message was sent to the security group, providing them with details about the potential incident.
    • Phone Call: The local security office received an automated phone call with a pre-recorded message detailing the raised alarm. This system could escalate further to the supervisor and headquarters security.

These measures ensured that the appropriate response teams were informed promptly, enhancing the efficiency of incident management.

The Features

The Teldio Edge Gateway boasted several key features that contributed to its successful implementation and reduced false alarms.

  • Tilt Recalibration: This functionality allowed the system to recalibrate tilt angles, minimizing false alarms caused by slight movements or tilting.
  • Sleep Timer: The sleep timer feature helped conserve battery life by adjusting the sensitivity of the motion sensors during specific periods.
  • Pre-Alarm Configuration: The ability to customize pre-alarm settings provided flexibility in tailoring the system to the company’s operational needs.

The Results

Implementing Teldio’s Edge Gateway yielded significant results for the utility company. By leveraging this innovative solution, the company was able to:

  • Enhance Worker Safety: The active monitoring of remote workers significantly improved their safety across all locations.
  • Reduce False Alarms: The intelligent features of the Teldio Edge Gateway, such as tilt recalibration and pre-alarm customization, led to a reduction in false alarms, ensuring that responses were only triggered when genuinely necessary.

In conclusion, the utilities company’s partnership with Teldio and the deployment of the Edge Gateway showcased a forward-thinking approach to worker safety. By proactively monitoring and responding to potential incidents, the company not only safeguarded its workforce but also demonstrated its commitment to innovation and the well-being of its employees.

For organizations seeking to enhance worker safety and streamline incident response, the Teldio Edge Gateway offers a comprehensive solution. Contact our team to explore how you can transform your safety protocols and operational efficiency.