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Increase School & Campus Safety

Active shooter events and other attacks are often unpredictable and evolve quickly. It’s imperative to increase safety across schools and campuses by identifying and resolving potential threats before they escalate.

Our suite of solutions, such as our Alarm Management, Avigilon Integration, or Broadcast enable you to do just that. Here are just some of the many examples of how we can help improve safety and responsiveness across schools and campuses:

  • Enable breach tracking mode on doors to immediately notify security staff if a locked door is breached.
  • When Avigilon cameras detect a gun or a disturbance, immediately notify security staff on radios, send SMS/email to administrators and place a call to 911 simultaneously.
  • Install panic buttons in classrooms, corridors and allow staff members to initiate panic events via a badge, cell phone or radio. Each event with a static location can notify the closest camera to start recording and notify appropriate personnel to take immediate action.
  • Should a gun be detected by surveillance cameras, send a lockdown signal to all doors in the vicinity.

We now have the ability to log into a secure system to escalate emergency situations by initiating a manual lockdown, sending a message over our PA system and emailing parents—all with a single, timely action.

  • As the person with a gun moves across the school, send text notifications to security staff with updated location information as different Avigilon cameras pick up the person in its view.
  • When an arriving vehicle is determined by Avigilon License Plate detection to be a blacklisted vehicle, immediately notify security staff on their radios and send an email to the administrative staff. If the arriving vehicle is at a manned parking lot entrance, discreetly notify any gate/parking attendants via an update on an Alarm Dashboard.

If a blacklisted vehicle is moving on campus grounds, we are able to send text notifications – in real time – to security staff with updated location information as different Avigilon cameras pick up the vehicle in its view.

  • Track security staff and campus vehicles via GPS and use that map to locate the personnel closest to an identified blacklisted vehicle and dispatch them to address the situation.
  • When a person is detected after hours, send a notice to the closest Avigilon camera to start recording the movements in that area. Simultaneously:
    • Send an email or SMS message to on or off site security to notify them of the event. If no recipients respond to the alert, retry or escalate the message to different recipients, ending with a call to 911.
    • Play an automatic recording over a speaker/PA system to notify the intruder that they have been detected and security personnel are on the way.
    • From a dashboard, send a signal to lock/re-lock all doors in the building.
      Set up automatic notifications to be sent out when a door breach is detected after hours.
  • When the alarm system detects a door is left ajar, automatically send an alarm signal to the closest Avigilon camera to start recording the area to track for response times and any unauthorized entry. Also, automatically send a ticket to a group of users on their devices. When the door is closed, the user can close the ticket to automatically notify the others or have it set to automatically close the ticket and notify recipients when a door close event is detected.
  • While the door is open, if the camera detects any unauthorized entry, then raise an alarm and dispatch to on duty security personnel on their devices and raise an alarm on a dashboard.
  • When a person of interest is detected via Appearance Search, automatically update a dashboard with the person’s picture and reason for being flagged. Locate the closest security personnel on a map (as their location is tracked via radios) and send them a message to notify them of the situation.
  • Track security staff location via Bluetooth (indoors) and GPS (outdoors) and use their live location to notify the security personnel closest to an identified person of interest.

The list goes on…

It’s a complex topic, and you can never be too prepared.

Please contact us for details, a demo, or to discuss your specific requirements. At Teldio, we are committed to safer schools and campuses.