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Improve Efficiency with Teldio’s ACS and Smart Tickets

Improve Efficiency with Teldio’s ACS and Smart Tickets

Teldio’s Alarm Control System (ACS) integrates into building management, machinery alarms & network systems to monitor for alarms around the clock. The software application receives alarms and dispatches as text messages or work tickets to employees’ MOTOTRBO radios, mobile phones and/or email-enabled devices based on the time of day, schedule & competency necessary to respond. ACS ensures that the alarm and work ticket notification process is automatic, efficient and reliable.

How It Works

When an alarm is triggered, ACS filters the notification based on an employee’s competency, location & schedule. The alarm is then sent to the best person or group. The closed-loop system pushes alarms to the next suitable person until it is acknowledged, significantly reducing response times to alarms and emergency events. Lastly, an alarm report is generated for management to review.


Smart Tickets

Effective job ticket management requires two essential elements: collaboration & coordination. Smart Tickets gives you both, ensuring that work ticket management runs smoothly from beginning to end. As a team member accepts and closes a work ticket, the remaining group members’ radios automatically update the work ticket’s status, ensuring all alarms are handled in a timely manner. By keeping everyone in sync, employees are more productive, efficient and workflow is better managed. Smart Tickets offer dynamic responses based on preprogrammed ticket rules to ensure certain alarms cannot be declined, such as fire alarms, increasing employee safety.


Smart Tickets vs. Job Tickets

The standard MOTOTRBO™ job tickets do not update their status on other radios as a user accepts or rejects a task. Users have no indication if tickets are accepted, resolved, or closed by other users. With Smart Tickets all users are aware of all alarm statuses automatically, improving workplace efficiency, accountability, and employee safety.

Find out more in our Smart Tickets brochure and ACS brochure. For more information please contact us, we are always happy to help!