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Teldio’s Bluetooth ID Badge for Panic Alarm & Positioning

Teldio’s Bluetooth ID Badge for Panic Alarm & Positioning

Teldio’s ID Badge is a wearable panic button that is practical & discreet. When a dangerous situation arises, users can activate a panic alarm to request help. Using Bluetooth® technology paired with Teldio’s location (RTLS) & alarm (ACS) applications, the response team is quickly notified of the user’s location and can respond immediately.

The Bluetooth ID Badge functions like a regular badge, but it’s enabled with Bluetooth for indoor positioning and a panic alert button on the back.


Wireless Range

With a 150+ foot range, the badge can be used throughout the building with Bluetooth beacons.

Long Battery Life

Lasting for 7+ days, users receive a text or email when the battery needs recharging.

No Monthly Fee

Operating through the customer’s LAN, the badge is fully functional without any monthly service fees.


Teldio’s Alarm Control System (ACS) receives the alarm and dispatches it to the response team. Receiving a text message directly on their mobile device (MOTOTRBO™ radio, cell phone or email-enabled device), the alarm includes the distressed person’s last known location to significantly reduces response times.

Personal Safety Buttons
Teldio offers a variety of panic alerting solutions. Trigger an alarm through an ID badge, MOTOTRBO™ radio, Android device, wireless wall mounted button or wireless wrist watch.


Are you serious about safety?
Learn more about Teldio’s ID badge & panic alerting solutions.