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Hawaii Airport Defibrillator Alarm System Powered by Teldio

The first of its kind and designed in collaboration by Teldio, AED Institute, and JHL Integrations, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) Airports Division has launched a new state of the art AED Cabinet Alert System that will immediately notify key personnel of an AED cabinet door opening or an AED being removed at Daniel K. International Airport (HNL).

This system will also provide additional security for the AEDs as well as notify key members when an AED is removed but may not be needed. The program’s goal is to encourage employees and bystanders to retrieve one of the numerous, easily accessible, highly visible AEDs for any possible medical emergency.

That information is vital for first responders because with cardiac situations every second counts. – Martinez Jacobs, Chief of the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Division

Read the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, press release for details.

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