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Gold Mine Improves Employee Communication While Decreasing Costs

A large gold mine in the north of Tanzania was looking for a solution that would allow their staff to make calls out via the telephony network without relying on the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network.

The challenge?

  • The mine’s policy did not allow anyone to bring cell phones into the gold processing plant. However, there was the need to be able to receive and make phone calls for communication purposes and to ensure the safety of all mine workers.

How were the objectives achieved?

  • The customer had already deployed a MOTOTRBO network with two repeaters connected over IP Site Connect with several hundred radios roaming freely between these two sites.
  • Teldio provided the RBX +Plus solution to enhance their MOTOTRBO network by enabling advanced PBX connectivity to the radios.
  • This cutting edge PBX integration application for MOTOTRBOs places software onto each radio by installing Motorola’s expansion card with the Teldio firmware loaded onto it. This integration provides the radio user with a simple and intuitive mobile phone-like menu allowing them to easily dial phone numbers just as they would from a mobile phone.
  • This solution assigns a phone number for each radio, allowing radio users to be contacted the same way that regular phone users are. Other advanced telephony features include:
    • Caller ID
    • Call transfer
    • Speed dialling

The results?

  • IP Site Connect enables workers to roam from all connected site locations, while never losing their radio connection. Teldio’s RBX +Plus ensures that they continue to have full functionality of their radio, wherever they are located within the radio network.
  • Employees located at the Head Quarters can easily communicate with workers who carry radios via their radio extensions, and vice versa. From their radio handsets, workers can call internal or outside numbers, giving full functionality to their MOTOTRBOs.
  • This communication solution empowers workers with real-time communication and it can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of maintenance and service fees of mobile communication networks.

The corporate phone network becomes virtually expanded to areas unreachable by the mobile network, eliminating the risks of dead zones.

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