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Global Manufacturer Increases Emergency Preparedness With Teldio

The objectives?

A global manufacturer of electronic interconnect solutions was looking for a reliable way to raise alarms from anywhere in their plant to alert staff in case of emergencies.

How were the objectives achieved?

  • Multiple IP based contact closure devices (panic buttons) were deployed throughout the plant.
  • Devices were configured to send events to the Teldio Edge Gateway, which – when receiving these events – associated a name and location to the Device and then sent an alert message to over 50 contacts via either SMS or Radio.
  • Device missing alerts could be sent if a panic button failed to check in at least once per minute.
  • From panic button press to message received on the radios, it took just 4 seconds.

The results?

The global manufacturer was able to increase their emergency preparedness thanks to the Teldio solution. In case of emergencies, events/messages could be sent to SMS and radios. The solution was flexible and allowed for growth as the system could be further expanded by adding more IP based panic buttons or events from other alarm sources.

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