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Financial Data Centers Increase Building Safety and Security

A client was looking to heighten their building safety and security across all financial data centers to keep staff and users safe at all times.

The challenge?

  • With no cell/wifi coverage in certain areas of the data centers, radios were the main means of communication.
  • Building management system (BMS) alarms could not be sent to the radio devices that staff carry, which was a major safety concern.

The objectives?

  • Connecting the BMS alarm system to the radio devices that users carry around the data centers as well as filtering the alarms by type and content to ensure the alarms were sent to the correct group of people (for example, security teams versus maintenance teams).
  • The client also requested to connect the fire panels to be able to alert staff of fire alarms via their radios.

How were the objectives achieved?

  • The Teldio Edge Gateway was used to send both BMS and fire alarms to staff’s radio devices, increasing building safety and security.
  • The BMS panels sent out emails, which were routed to the Teldio Edge Gateway in order to be sent to the intended radio groups.
  • Fire panels in all locations sent data to the Teldio Edge Gateway via the Serial ASCII protocol to allow alarms to be pushed out to all staff radios. At the customer’s request, their monthly test alarms were successfully filtered out and prevented from being sent to radios.


The results?

The solution was implemented nationwide across the US to heighten security in all of the client’s data centers. The installation and setup was straightforward as inputs, outputs, and protocols were identical across all locations.

Implementing Teldio’s solution gave our team the peace of mind that all staff could be contacted in case of an emergency, despite their location within our data centers.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team to learn more about the Teldio Edge Gateway.