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Extensive Solutions for the Education Industry

Extensive Solutions for the Education Industry

In the education industry, creating a safe, secure environment for students and faculty is a top priority whether it’s a university, college, or grade school. This makes communication and location tracking key factors in a maintaining a safe, well-connected space. Our applications leverage the schools’ existing mobile communications networks and building infrastructure to increase productivity & improve responsiveness to day-to-day situations and emergencies.

The Benefits of Teldio Applications in the Education Sector

Teldio applications offer many benefits to the education sector, resulting in the ability to:

  • Increase safety for students and faculty by eliminating communication barriers and maintaining a continuous flow of information between teachers, security, staff & students
  • Improve responsiveness by automating alarm notifications ensuring all are acknowledged, resolved and closed
  • Enhance school bus management by allowing dispatchers to calculate bus arrival times, notify drivers of weather or upcoming traffic
  • Improve employee visibility by utilizing Bluetooth technology indoors & GPS for outdoor users to pinpoints an employee’s location

Increase Safety & Staff Efficiency with Our Applications

Track your school buses with TruFleet to improve student safety & effectively respond to emergencies by giving administrators the ability to locate buses at all times.



RBX +Plus extends your radio’s reach to those who don’t carry radios, providing workers the ability to dial both internal & external numbers, eliminating problematic cell phone dead zones.



ACS offers BT panic buttons provide a quick and convenient way to summon help in a dangerous situation. The system ensures that all alarms are acknowledged & resolved, resulting in a safer learning environment.



WTS allows you to seamlessly send and monitor work tickets to ensure all issues and emergencies are being dealt with in a timely manner.



Do you have education customers that you could add applications to? Download the brochure to learn more about our education solutions today or contact us to speak with someone directly.