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Extend Your Dispatch Operations: Teldio’s Integration with Avtec Scout Console™

Teldio has partnered with Avtec to enable precise indoor and outdoor location tracking, messaging, alarming and integrations for two-way radios directly within your Avtec Scout Console™. This integration allows your organization to increase visual situational awareness, communicate via the most appropriate channel, trigger video surveillance in dispatch deployments, and more.


What is Teldio TruFleet Plus?

Teldio TruFleet Plus is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance dispatch operations by providing precise indoor and outdoor location tracking, messaging capabilities, alarming, and seamless integrations for two-way radios within the Avtec Scout Console™ environment.


What Does the Integration Do?

The integration of Teldio TruFleet Plus with Avtec Scout Console™ unlocks a host of new functionalities that empower organizations to optimize their operations further. From enhanced location tracking to streamlined communication and video integration, the combined solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces.



Key Features:

Precise Location Tracking: With Teldio TruFleet Plus integrated into Avtec Scout Console™, organizations gain access to accurate indoor and outdoor location tracking capabilities. Whether it’s employees, assets, or vehicles, real-time location information is readily available, enabling supervisors to monitor operations efficiently and make informed decisions.

Radio Messaging and Alerting: The integration facilitates seamless communication by allowing users to send messages and alerts to individuals or groups via various channels such as radio, email, and SMS directly from the Avtec Scout Console™ interface. This feature ensures that critical information reaches the right personnel promptly, enhancing collaboration and response times.

Video Engagement: One of the standout features of this integration is the ability to automatically trigger video actions based on the location of radios, both indoors and outdoors. By integrating video capabilities into the Avtec Scout Console™, organizations can enhance situational awareness, investigate incidents effectively, and ensure a swift and coordinated response.


Key Benefits:

Enhanced Safety: With precise location tracking and active alarms, dispatchers can quickly locate personnel in emergencies, ensuring their safety and facilitating timely responses to critical situations.

Improved Efficiency: The seamless integration of Teldio TruFleet Plus with the Avtec Scout Console™ streamlines dispatch operations, leading to increased productivity and better resource allocation.

Optimized Resource Management: By tracking the location and movements of radios, dispatch centres can optimize the utilization of vehicles, assets, and personnel, resulting in cost savings and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Communication: Radio messaging capabilities within the Scout Console™ enable clear and effective communication, fostering collaboration and improving decision-making processes.

The integration of Teldio TruFleet Plus with Avtec Scout Console™ represents a significant advancement in dispatch operations, offering precise location tracking, seamless communication, and automation capabilities within a unified environment. By leveraging this integration, dispatch centres can enhance safety, efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness, ensuring they stay ahead in today’s fast-paced and demanding environments.

To learn more about how Teldio TruFleet Plus + Avtec Scout Console™ can transform your dispatching operations, book a free consultation with our team.