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Motorola Solutions’ White Paper Explores the Data Capabilities of Modern Two-Way Radios

Motorola Solutions’ White Paper Explores the Data Capabilities of Modern Two-Way Radios

Portable two-way radios ensure employees stay connected in real time, thus enhancing productivity and safety. Applications further enhance communication and create a more connected and secure workplace. Motorola Solutions’ white paper Two-Way Radios for the Modern Age explores how digital technology has transformed two-way radios and how data applications can further improve the mobile radio user’s experience and efficiency.

When first introduced in the 1940’s, two-way radios served only one purpose – to send and receive voice communications. While the latest generation of digital MOTOTRBO radio systems continues to deliver the same reliable push-to-talk instant communication, data connectivity brings text messaging, Bluetooth® connectivity, GPS awareness, and Wi-Fi® into the mix. As a result, these solutions make radios smarter and enhance team communications by improving the real-time flow of information.


Data Applications Pull It All Together
Applications are now as integral to your operations as the radios themselves. Industries including transportation, education, construction, manufacturing, energy and utilities, government, hospitality, retail, and more rely on data applications for their day-to-day operations.

Transform your radios into multi-functioning pieces of equipment with the addition of data applications. Increase the level of efficiency, safety, and productivity throughout your entire enterprise. Customize the applications below to fit your business needs.

Messaging – text and email integrations with logging and archiving features
Command & Control – console solutions for efficient business management
Personal Safety – integrated man down safety and emergency response tools
Fleet Monitoring – track & manage vehicles & assets in real-time
Voice Dispatching – centralized workforce management
Work Order Ticket Management – automatic workforce dispatching and productivity tracking
Location Tracking – indoor and outdoor location monitoring
Telephone Interconnect – connecting radio systems to telephone networks
Alarm & System Management – system status dashboards for optimal operation

To view Motorola Solutions’ Two-Way Radios for the Modern Age white paper, click here. To find out more about Teldio’s voice and data applications and see where your operation could benefit from data applications, watch our short overview video.