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Custom Solution Development

Whether you're looking for a slight tweak to how our current products work or need a whole new solution, we can help!

What is Custom Solutions Development?

Have you ever looked for a solution for a specific need and can’t seem to find something that fits? Or you find something that kind of works but you need to make a bunch of tweaks and use shortcuts which aren’t optimal? This is where custom solution development shines!

With custom solution development we are able to create a solution to match your business’ exact needs. We tailor the solution to you and your business instead of utilizing one that was built for the masses.

We’ll work with you to understand the problem at hand, outline the specifications of the solution, figure out the best way to tackle it, build the solution, and implement it into your business, all with your feedback along the way.

How We Do It - The Teldio Edge Gateway

With the introduction of the Teldio Edge Gateway, a cost-effective, highly customizable hardware platform, we have been able to deliver high-quality custom solutions to our customers.

The Teldio Edge Gateway can be utilized to build a solution tailored to the exact needs of our customers as it has the ability to work with a variety of inputs and outputs, offering a plethora of possible custom solutions including Teldio video solutions integrating Avigilon.