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Correctional Facility Uses Teldio Solutions to Improve Safety

Ensuring staff safety in correctional facilities is of utmost importance to maintain a secure and orderly environment. The Lansing Correctional Facility in Kansas tasked Teldio to provide a solution to ensure the safety of their staff and inmates

An Indoor Tracking Solution to Monitor All Security Guards

Teldio began with the implementation of an indoor tracking solution, using Teldio TruFleet. 270+ iBeacons were strategically placed throughout the facility to achieve granularity in tracking as all security guards who carry two-way radios. This gave Lansing Correctional Facility the ability to track everyone’s location at any given time, to quickly find staff and guards in the event of an emergency, and to direct the closest person to an incident to improve response times.

With the addition of the Teldio Edge Gateway at the press of an emergency button, a seamless flow of notifications are triggered – from emails to SMS and radio text – effectively alerting necessary parties without delay. The emergency location is also mapped to share real-time location data with staff and security personnel.

By implementing this Teldio Edge Gateway and Teldio TruFleet solutions, Lansing Correctional Facility was able to prioritize the safety and well-being of its security guards, creating a more secure and effective environment for both employees and inmates.

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