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Teldio’s Correctional Facility Solutions

Teldio’s Correctional Facility Solutions

In high-threat environments like prisons, staff need the right tools in order to act quickly. Teldio’s correctional facility solutions enhance your MOTOTRBO radios and address the unique challenges associated with correctional services.


pullcord_correctional_facility_solutionsREQUEST HELP QUICKLY – PANIC PULL CORD

Should an emergency situation arise, employees can quickly request help with Teldio’s panic alerting solution. Activated by a single pull, the alarm is transmitted to ACS and notifies the response team instantly.


 (Alarm Control System) integrates into facility management & security systems to create a unified platform to manage alarms around the clock. Monitoring against a multitude of threats – from security breaches to fire alarms – ACS dispatches alarms to the most appropriate personnel based on their location, schedule & competency.

rtls_correctional_facility_solutions-2LOCATE EMPLOYEES IN REAL-TIME

Quickly locate employees with RTLS. Supervisors can verify that security rounds were completed, be notified when a guard enters a restricted area & locate distressed employees whether they are indoors or outdoors.

trufleet_correctional_facility_solutions-2MONITOR & TRACK VEHICLES 

Trufleet puts you in the passenger seat of every inmate transfer. Supervisors can track & manage vehicles in real-time to calculate arrival times, pinpoint their location, and trigger an alarm should a vehicle go off course.

Fast, reliable, and easy to operate, Teldio applications are designed to provide facilities with unprecedented levels of visibility into every aspect of their operations. All of our apps can be tailored to address correctional facility challenges & run simultaneously on one radio.




Do you think Teldio solutions could help your operations? Take a look at our correctional facility solutions brochure and please contact us for more information.