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Comprehensive Solutions for your Hospitality Customers

Comprehensive Solutions for your Hospitality Customers

In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is of prime concern, making communication a key factor in quick and streamlined response. Teldio applications target stress points identified in key areas including mobile communication, alarm management, and notification as well as employee and guest safety to ensure that customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of daily operations.

The Benefits of Teldio Applications in the Hospitality Industry

Teldio apps also provide an integrated solution that offers many benefits to the hospitality industry, such as the following:

  • Improve customer service by decreasing response times.
  • Improve efficiency by generating work tickets and sending them directly to mobile workers on their two-way radios.
  • Improve productivity by integrating radios users into third-party task management systems such as HotSOS, SynergyMMS, Guestware, and Starguest.
  • Decrease operational downtime by automatically receiving notifications on radio handsets from fire alarms, production machinery, security alarms, HVAC systems, elevators and more.
  • Eliminate recurring monthly fees by replacing radios for all other mobile communication devices, including cell phones, pagers, safety pendants, and more.

Improves Service within the Hospitality Industry with Teldio Applications

Email Gateway allows two-way radios to send and receive emails directly from the radio handset and integrates third-party work management systems.



RBX +Plus allows radio users to make and receive phone calls directly on their radios, streamlining communication between phone and radio users.



ACS dispatches notifications to the right person based on time of day and competency. The closed loop system ensures that all alarms are acknowledged & resolved.


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Do you have hospitality customers that you could add applications to? Learn more about our hospitality solutions today or schedule a webinar to see our applications in action.