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CASE STUDY: Career Center

CASE STUDY: Career Center

Teldio’s panic button solution provides a quick and convenient way to summon help in a dangerous situation. When an emergency situation arises, the response team is automatically notified through the Alarm Control System (ACS). The solution ensures that alarms are sent to the appropriate person based on their location, work schedules and competency for a reliable and timely responses to emergency issues. See how our panic button solution was implemented in a career center and the positive changes that occurred.

The Company

Located in Europe, this nation-wide job center assists local unemployed patrons. The large, three-story facility has numerous counsellors, a small security team and a large number of people in and out of the building throughout the day.

The Need

Staff members have concerns for their safety when dealing with potentially violent clients who have recently lost their jobs and are in distress. This dynamic and unpredictable environment requires a reliable panic alarm notification system for rapid response if a violent situation occurs.

The Solution


Wireless panic buttons are installed in every room under the desks with Velcro. Buttons can be pushed discretely or taken off the desk if an upcoming meeting is causing concern. When a dangerous situation arises and a panic alarm is activated, alarms are automatically dispatched through ACS to the security team’s radios via text message. The panic alarm message includes the floor and room number where the situation is occurring which allows the security guards to aid the counsellors with speed and precision.

“This system has made a world of difference for our employees, as they can now safely carry out their jobs assured that help is literally just a push of a button away.”
Bjarne Hansen, Operations & Security Manager

Discreet Alarming – Fast Reaction Time – Easy Installation