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Automatically and Intelligently Dispatch Your Alarms

Automatically and Intelligently Dispatch Your Alarms

Does your business use alarms? Would you like them to automatically be sent to the right people? Teldio’s Alarm Management System (AMS) is a software application that automatically dispatches safety, business-critical alarms, and work tickets to digital two-way radios, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

How It Works

AMS can dispatch messages to the right users instantly without the need for user intervention (dispatcher). When an alarm is raised or a work ticket is generated, AMS immediately sends the notification. Users respond to the notification to update the alarm or work ticket’s status as it is accepted or declined and closed.

Keep Everyone in the Loop with Smart Tickets

Smart Tickets gives you both, ensuring that alarm management and notifications run smoothly from beginning to end.

  • Tickets are dynamically updated on all radios as a user accepts the ticket
  • Dynamic responses based on preprogrammed ticket rules (ex: fire alarm tickets cannot be declined)
  • When a user accepts the ticket from AMS, email or cell phone, tickets are automatically updated on all radios


What Can AMS Integrate With?

AMS can integrate into a variety of different inputs and outputs. The ability to integrate with a multitude of inputs, such as building management and machinery alarms allows AMS to be a compatible solution for many organizations. Offering outputs such as MOTOTRBO text, audio alerts, Smart Tickets, emails and more ensure all employees can receive notifications on their different devices.

To learn more about AMS check out the brochure or contact our sales team!