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Teldio Applications Review with Wireless Communications’ Mark Lane

Teldio Applications Review with Wireless Communications’ Mark Lane

Wireless-Logo-TransparentWe recently had the opportunity to talk with Mark Lane, an Account Manager & Motorola Manufacturers Representative for Wireless Communications. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, he has over two decades of experience in the two-way radio industry and is a big two-way radio application supporter.

Can you tell me a little bit about your career in two-way radios?
I started in 1993, just selling two-way radios because that’s all there was at the time across the board to public safety, and in the last couple of years we’ve developed to what Motorola refers to as a Manufacturing Representative. I’m responsible for five specific counties and all their public safety entities that use Motorola P25 solutions.

Who does Wireless Communications do business with? what industries?
I would say 50% of our business comes from public safety government entities and the rest is commercial manufacturing and healthcare.

Do you find that a lot of your customers come to you to replace old technology or do they come to you to solve their problems?
More often than not, they come to us to replace what they currently have. It’s not to say that they don’t come to us with a specific need that they have or something that has recently occurred within their business operations that they need to resolve. We’ve worked with them in the past on radios or the other array of products we provide to our vendors and our customers.

How has your dealership or yourself incorporated applications into the process of showing your customers what’s available for their radio networks?
Looking at what Teldio has to offer and always making sure we ask, “Do you have a need for making a phone call or receiving a call? Do you have a need for panic alarms?” Trying to keep in mind all the offerings you [Teldio] have is a good guideline of questions. More times than not, when you ask these questions, the response is, “You guys can do that?” They are aware of push-to-talk on two-way radios, but often times do not realize that radios can be very similar to cell phones and integrate with other applications with the radio. It’s a full line of questioning that goes beyond being observant to how their business is operating. Asking these questions is often how we uncover and enhance the radio themselves.

What do you like best about adding applications to radio networks?
Number one, it secures your sale better. Number two, you can really enhance their solution and it’s very fun and interesting to do because everybody’s business is different. Their needs are different. Every time you go, you learn something and do something different from the last customer.

What specific results have your customer seen from implementing Teldio applications?
We’ve got one customer that has specifically integrated ACS to monitor their furnaces for a fiberglass manufacturing facility which saves them quite a bit of time when responding to current conditions within their facility. That information is being sent out to select radios to help improve their monitoring system.

I have a couple of different customers that are using the telephone interconnect application [RBX] so they can be in touch with anyone throughout the world that has access to a phone line via cell or landline and be in touch with a group of individuals or back to the manufacturing facility or to an individual user. It strengthens and further enhances their communication well beyond the reach of traditional two-way radios.

How do Teldio applications compare to other MOTOTRBO applications you’ve sold in the past?
Very good! I’m not technically inclined, but the support mechanism that you have – the information, conference calls between you and the customer – I highly recommend Teldio over any of the other applications providers. 99% of that is because the product is very good, but the difference, when it comes down to it for me is the service and the support that I have experienced. It’s far superior than anything else in the application world.

I’ve worked with Mark, Jeff and D and they have all been super at service and support. In our industry, with our technicians and engineers, we all deal with people we feel comfortable with rather than recreating the wheel. If you get good service and support and it’s a good product, it’s very hard to crack that nut and get anybody else in there. We are very pleased with who we are dealing with. That what I feel about Teldio.

If you could change anything about the application process what would it be and why?
This is more on our side, but it would be the demonstration. I would like for our company to have the full capabilities of providing better demonstrations of the solutions. We don’t have a demo kit and I’d like for us to be able to do that and be proficient at it. Not that I don’t appreciate Jeff helping us, but It would be more timely if we could do it ourselves when he’s not available and it would give us a better understanding if we do it ourselves.

Do you currently sell any other applications that we don’t provide?
No. I think you have pretty much everything that I need, at least that I’m aware of. You have a rich portfolio.

The one thing and Jeff and I have spoken about this, is how are our competitors out in the marketplace educating customers about the solutions that are our there and driving business from it? Our competition is other Motorola dealers as well as other vendor dealers such as Kenwood, Tait and I think this [two-way radio applications] really sets us apart is our expertise with the solutions that Teldio has to offer. That pretty much takes the competition out of the picture, as well as making a very nice sale.

Would you recommend Teldio’s applications to a friend in the industry?

If you were to review Teldio and our applications what score would you give it out of 10?