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Telephone Interconnect

An advanced telephone interconnect designed to allow radio users to make and receive phone calls directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radios

Make & receive phone calls directly from your two-way radio

RBX is an advanced telephone interconnect designed to allow radio users to make and receive private and group phone calls directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radios. The app goes beyond basic telephone interconnects by allowing radio users to access familiar phone-like features, such as call history, phonebook, and caller ID. RBX can connect digital two-way radios to something as simple as a standard POTS phone line or as complex as a corporate phone system (PBXs).

Compatible devices:

  • MOTOTRBO Radios
  • PBXs (SIP Enabled IP or Analog)
  • POTS Lines
  • ITSPs Lines
RBX Call Types
Private Calls

Radio users have the ability to place and receive private phone calls from their radio, virtually transforms the two-way radio into a mobile phone.


Phone users can reach groups of radios by allowing them to broadcast onto the radio network from anywhere. All radio users in the group have the ability to hear the phone user and respond.


Callgroups allow phone users to ring a group of radios. The first person to answer is entered into a private call with the phone user. Other users in the group are notified that the call has been answered.

RBX Features

RBX allows radios to adopt features similar to those on a smartphone.

  • Integrated phonebook
  • Call history
  • Missed call notification
  • Caller ID display
  • Speed dialing
  • Call transferring
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Auto answer mode
  • Call recording and logging*
  • User provisioning*
  • Password protection for channels and users*
  • Check date/time*
  • Stopwatch timer*

*premium features

Increased Productivity

By enabling radios to make and receive calls, mobile workers become increasingly productive as they no longer need to rely on multiple devices to communicate. With talkgroups and callgroups, supervisors can speak with their team members instantly, from virtually anywhere.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Talk to a group of mobile workers via a talkgroup
  • Call a third party supplier from a radio
  • Request an action from the 1st user in a callgroup
Enhanced Worker Safety and Security

With RBX, mobile workers are able to send and receive critical information without the need to communicate via a dispatcher. In the event of an emergency, a mobile worker can have access to dialing for help, whether it be internally to the security department or externally to a 9-1-1 operator.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Call 9-1-1 directly from the handset
  • Dial supervisor’s extension to report incident
  • Link emergency call boxes to security radios
Reduced Operational Costs

With RBX, you can extend the footprint of your corporate telephony system (PBX) to your radio network, allowing for a streamlined communication process and eliminating the need for a mobile communication infrastructure, such as cell phones and WiFi phones.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Replacement of Nextel phone
  • Elimination of cell phones and associated costs
  • Replacement of costly and non-durable phones
System Architecture

RBX +Plus is a software application installed on a server which connects two-way radios to the world of telephony. The server interfaces to the radio system using MOTOTRBO™ control stations (mobile radios) which are connected to the server using a custom USB/Audio cable. The number of MOTOTRBO™ control stations is defined by the required number of concurrent radio to phone calls at any given time.

Compatible Radios

RBX is compatible with all Motorola MOTOTRBO™ display portables and mobiles in the following radio network modes:

  • Simplex Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Capacity Max
  • Connect Plus (talkgroup calls only)
Telephony Integration
  • IP PBXs (SIP Compatible) – Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, etc.
  • Analog PBXs
  • PSTN / POTS Lines
  • Internet Telephony Service Providers