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Panic Locator Solution

Effectively respond, track, and document worker incidents

Effectively track the safety and security of your staff


  • Teldio Badge
  • Notifications on
    • Phones (SMS or Automated Phone Call)
    • Email-enabled devices
    • Desktops
    • Two Way Radios (DMR)
    • Avigilon Video Systems

Teldio’s Panic Locator Solution (PLS) enables you to effectively respond, track, and document worker incidents. A discreet electronic badge holder, when activated, sends a distress signal to dispatch to alert security to an employee in distress and their immediate location.

PLS at a glance

  • User in distress presses button
  • Event with user’s location is displayed on screen
  • Location is updated as the user moves while in distress
  • Alerts sent via email, SMS, radio messages, etc.
  • All events are logged

Badge Features

  • Square and round buttons are easy to tell apart by feel
  • Short or long press on each button or both buttons together for different actions to allow the badge to be used for multiple functions.
  • Location tracking via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Haptic feedback on button presses
  • LED indicators for battery, message and activity
  • Holds a standard ID badge
  • Rechargeable with Cable

Application Features

  • Room-level accuracy
  • Indoor Mapping with support for multiple levels
  • Updating view of the person’s location during the emergency
  • Live notifications to multiple devices as the emergency occurs and/or the person moves

Frequent Use Cases

  • Housekeeping staff at a hotel can discreetly press the button on a badge during a panic event to notify security staff via SMS and Email while their location is shown on a Map Dashboard and is updated and communicated as they change locations.
  • During an emergency situation such as an active shooter, users can check in via a preset button combination to report their status and location.
  • During a guard tour, a guard can press the button at preset check-in points to let a dispatcher know of their current location.


  • Utilize existing WiFi infrastructure
  • Teldio PLS can operate without internet
  • Many integration options (radio, sms, email, video surveillance, etc.)
  • Historic record of incidents

From Teldio

  • Teldio Edge Gateway
  • Teldio PLS Application
  • Teldio Badge
  • iBeacons (optional)

From Customer

  • 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Network