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HotSOS API Integration

A simple and cost effective work ticketing solution for your mobile workforce

Streamline Communication Between Radios and HotSOS


  • Smart Tickets
  • Motorola Job Tickets
  • Motorola Text Messages

Teldio’s HotSOS API Integration works with the Teldio Edge Gateway to enable communication between radios and the HotSOS platform. Teldio’s HotSOS API Integration is an easy implementation process for the end user. All configuration is done within HotSOS allowing for a seamless implementation using the platform which users already comprehend.

Streamline Communication Between Radios and HotSOS

When using the Teldio HotSOS API Integration if a ticket is not accepted, it will continue to retry sending the ticket until a user acknowledges it. Users also have the ability to sign-in and out of radios, allowing them to use different radios on a daily basis but signed in as their own user.

Before the Teldio HotSOS API Integration, communication between radios and HotSOS was done via email which was inefficient and complex to set up. With the Teldio HotSOS API Integration, all radio users are grouped together as a HotSOS team, allowing the ticket to be sent as one radio group message instead of individual radio messages, limiting the radio network usage.

Integration with Smart Tickets

By utilizing the Teldio HotSOS API Integration, users are able to use Teldio Smart Tickets which tie directly into HotSOS. As a user accepts a ticket from their device the HotSOS API Integration will automatically update the ticket’s status for the remaining group members’ radios, ensuring all tickets are handled efficiently.

Teldio’s HotSOS Integration also works with Motorola Job Tickets and Motorola text messages. With standard Motorola Job Tickets and text messages, statuses are not updated on other radios as a user accepts or rejects a task. Users have no indication if tickets are accepted, resolved, or closed by other users. With Smart Tickets all users only see unacknowledged tickets, improving workplace efficiency and accountability.

*Smart Tickets work with XPR 7550/7580/e, XPR 5550/5580/e, SL 7550/7580/e radios.

Ticket Activity Tracking

With the Teldio HotSOS API Integration, users are able to access a log of work ticket activity sent to radios. Users can see all past tickets, including who accepted each ticket and when. This allows users to identify issues, mitigate problems and establish average response times. Management can utilize this feature to improve productivity and spot inefficiencies.