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Alarm Management System

An efficient & automatic way to manage your day-to-day, business critical and safety alarms

Alarm Management System (AMS) is a software application that automatically dispatches safety, business-critical alarms to digital two-way radios, cell phones, and other mobile devices. When an alarm is raised AMS immediately sends the notification.

AMS can integrate into a variety of different inputs and outputs. The ability to integrate with a multitude of inputs, such as building management and machinery alarms allows AMS to be a compatible solution for many organizations. Offering outputs such as MOTOTRBO text, audio alerts, emails and more ensure all employees can receive notifications on their different devices.

Compatible Radios

Teldio’s AMS is compatible with all DMR portables & mobiles that support text messaging. The following MOTOTRBO radio network modes are supported:

  • Simplex Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Capacity Max

Sample Use Cases

Weather alerts notify radios ensuring reliable and fast emergency management
Manufacturing line alarms trigger notifications to radio, email, sms, and/or Avigilon
AED contact closure events notify radio, email, sms and/or Avigilon

What our customers are saying…

“We saved time and increased efficiencies! The solution is very intuitive and easy to use!”

“Peace of mind and the flexibility to respond to alerts from anywhere were key drivers for us to implement a solution from Teldio. It has made our facilities much safer and helped improve building security tremendously!”

“Having Teldio’s solution in place, we are able to obtain clear video evidence should incidents occur. Plus, it has tremendously increased security for staff, first responders as well as patients and visitors.”

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