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Adapting to and Navigating COVID-19

by: Peter Kuciak
CEO | Teldio Corporation

In my previous blog I looked at the industrial needs for Digital Transformation and introduced our Teldio Edge Gateway, which allows us to solve complex challenges for our Fortune 1000 customers.

I joined Teldio at the end of February 2020 – just as the world was coming to grips with the news and the massive impact COVID-19 had, and still has, on everyone and everything around us. We sent all our teams home to work remotely and started to have a dialog with our dealers and customers about how to jointly work closely together.

Initially, it all felt very surreal and tough. Everyone started to work much harder, compensating for remote challenges, a fear of the unknown, uncertain future, impacts of cuts and reductions in the workforce as well as end customers’ demand coming to a halt. But as we got used to our home offices, met new business partners and their kids and pets over Zoom and realized that we are agile, adaptable, smart and capable of change, we all settled into a new work routine and diverted our focus back on the business.

If we go back for a moment to the unfortunate impacts events like 9/11 or Tech Bubble burst had on economies around the world, some of us old enough to have gone through those have learned a considerable amount. We learned that we need to adapt and we learned that we should also work harder to focus our time on positive outcomes. Many years ago, during the above mentioned tough times, I was part of a Wesley Clover company called Ubiquity Software. We adapted, we increased our R&D team, we scaled back our GTM team and we came out much stronger as a result.

Teldio has implemented a similar strategy. Since the onset of COVID-19, we effectively doubled our R&D team, kicked off new product initiatives and focused on our strengths in areas that will help our dealers and customers in their transition activities. Here are a few examples:

  • We are enabling our customers to have a more efficient workforce as they are forced to achieve more with less, such as increased lone or remote workers. Safety is key as these customers face increased pressure to deliver expected results to their customers during these challenging times.
  • We have introduced new features to enable customers to allow their workforce to attend daily or weekly conference calls on two-way radios in a seamless manner. Positive, consistent communication is increasingly important as everyone is asked to adapt and change.
  • We are enabling customers to achieve efficiencies in their workforce by providing indoor and outdoor tracking of people and things. Current technologies enable us to define rules, geofences, targets and timezones to optimize workforce and adapt to maximize effectiveness.
  • We are performing digital transformations at many facilities to automate workflow processes, enable remote use cases and provide digital capabilities where manual processes existed before. Presence, proximity, location, motion via sensors and switches allow us to deliver safer and more efficient work environments.
  • We released a new application called Broadcast, to enable our customers to communicate faster, easier and more effective – during times when timely communication is key.
  • We are working with customers to help them with industrial contact tracing of the workforce at manufacturing facilities, data centres, construction sites and extended healthcare facilities. Customers trust us with technology solutions to allow them corporate visibility as they strive to minimize risk and maximize staff safety to ensure continuity of their business operations.

If we, as leaders, have learned anything in previously challenging times, it should be that nothing is ever the same, change is constant and it’s essential to plan for the challenging scenarios. Only then will we be able to adapt with confidence and enable our organizations to thrive in challenging times.

COVID-19 is beyond anything I have ever expected as the worst case business impacting scenario. However, Teldio is agile, Teldio is cool and collected and Teldio will continue to provide the same high level of customer focus we have for the past 12+ years. We have earned the reputation in the market that we can solve the most complex challenges. During these trying times we stepped up and continue to deliver.

If your organization is looking for solutions to complex challenges, consider engaging our experts in a conversation. We thrive on solving complex problems that enable safety, efficiency and support your Digital Transformation.

In the next chapter we will look at the advancement of wireless technologies that are enabling Teldio to deliver solutions indoor, outdoor and in locations where connectivity is limited, spotty or non existent.

Stay healthy and safe,