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National 911 Education Month

National 911 Education Month

For over forty years, 911 has served as the vital link between emergency services and the public in times of personal crisis and community disasters in North America. Communications personnel receive calls and rapidly dispatch emergency service professionals and equipment to render life-saving assistance to those in need.

We rely on this system to assure the public’s safety every day and this April marks 911 education month. Public safety professionals, teachers, government officials, media representatives, and the wireless industry are working together to teach young people how important it is to know when, why and how to dial 911.

In honor of 911 Education Month, at Teldio we feel it is very important to understand how to use 911 correctly to give first responders a better scope of the situation. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for calling 911:

  • DO use 9-1-1 only in emergency situations
  • DO know your location when calling for help
  • DO keep your phone locked when not in use to avoid calling 911 accidentally
  • DO listen carefully, speak clearly and remain calm when speaking to a 911 dispatcher
  • DO stay on the line until you are instructed otherwise
  • DO provide all the necessary information
  • DON’T program 911 into your phone
  • DON’T hang up if you accidentally dial 911
  • DON’T use 911 as an “information line”

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Did you know you can dial 911 from your MOTOTRBO radio?

Teldio’s RBX (Radio Branch Exchange) is the first digital radio telephony system specifically designed to allow radio users to make and receive phone calls directly on their radios without the need of a dispatcher. In the event of an emergency, a mobile worker can dial for help, whether it be internally or externally to 911 to ensure immediate response and action.

For more information on RBX and how radio users can dial 911, please contact our sales reps.