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Panic Alerting Solution

Panic Alerting Solution

Panic buttons provide a quick and convenient way to summon help in a dangerous situation. When an emergency situation arises, the response team is automatically notified through the Alarm Control System (ACS). The solution ensures that alarms are sent to the appropriate person based on their location, work schedules and competency for a reliable and timely responses to emergency issues. Panic buttons are a quick, flexible solution for a wide range of industries.

Quickly Request Help In Emergency Situations 

In the event of an emergency, mobile & stationary individuals can trigger an alarm to request assistance.


Intelligent Alarm & Notification Management

Once the panic alarm is triggered it’s automatically sent to Teldio’s Alarm Control System. ACS is an intelligent alarm management & notification system designed to dispatch emergency messages to the right person based on the time of day and competency necessary to respond to the task at hand. The closed loop system ensures that all alarms are acknowledged, resolved & closed.

Panic Button Solution Features

  • System prioritizes alarms to optimize the use of available resources
  • Intelligent scheduler matches the scheduled worker competencies to those needed to respond to triggered alarms
  • Automatic emergency notification to response teams
  • Fully compatible with Teldio’s application portfolio
  • Mounted panic buttons send pre-configured location data in alarm message
  • Notifications can be simultaneously sent to multiple media via:
    • Emails
    • MOTOTRBOs: Text Messages and/or Audio Alerts
    • Android Devices: SMS and/or Audio Alerts
    • Phones: SMS and/or Audio Alerts

Panic Alerting

Teldio offers a variety of hardware and software components to help ensure employee safety. When a dangerous situation arises, employees can rest assured that they have the means to notify a response team.

 Panicbutton    Panic-Button
Mounted Button ID Badge Android Devices Two-Way Radios
The panic button is designed for wall or under-the-desk mounting. When pressed, the alarm includes location data. No cabling is required. The Bluetooth ID Badge functions like a regular badge, but it’s enabled with Bluetooth for indoor positioning and a panic alert button on the back. Android devices equipped with Teldio’s ACS application have access to the panic button feature for dangerous situations. A panic button can be configured on any of the available programmable MOTOTRBO™ buttons. Button is single-use.

Discreet, Accessible Solution

When a dangerous situation arises, employees can rest assured that they have the means to notify a response team. The Android device, radio and wrist watch are ideal for mobile workers, while the mounted button is ideal for stationary employees. During a potentially hazardous event, activating a panic alarm is simple, discreet and easy. Whether you’re using a two-way radio, Android app or panic button, the alarm is released by holding down the button for 2-3 seconds (configurable).

Frequent Use Cases
  • Receptionist’s desk
  • Classrooms
  • Secluded areas
  • Hazardous areas
  • Mobile workers
  • Areas where cash is stored
  • Customer Service counters

Quicker Response Times

Panic buttons provide a fast connection to first responders. ACS efficiently manages the notification process by sending alarms to the best person based on their location, schedule and competencies required to respond. By doing so, response times to panic alarms and emergency events are significantly reduced.

Frequent Use Cases
  • Receptionist activates the panic button under their desk and the notification is sent to the nearest security guard
  • Campus Security Department receives a text notifying them that the panic button in Lab A, Building B was activated and the entry code to enter the lab is 2552
  • The floor supervisor receives a phone call when a lone worker has pressed the panic button on their digital radio
  • The Head Nurse receives an email notification when a nurse on  their floor has pressed their wrist panic button.

Enhanced Worker Safety & Security

In the event of an emergency, mobile and stationary individuals can trigger an alarm to request help. ACS automatically sends the alarm notification to the appropriate individuals and by doing so, response times to alarms are significantly reduced leading to a safer worker environment.

Frequent Use Cases
  • Workers in hazardous or secluded areas can trigger an alarm if they feel they are in danger or there is a machinery malfunction
  • If a hostile situation arises, an employee can trigger the panic button and request for immediate assistance
  • Teachers and parents can rest assured knowing that a response team can be notified in seconds should a dangerous situation arise

System Architecture

Teldio’s Panic Alerting solution is easy to deploy and enables customers to combine both fixed & wireless buttons throughout a facility. When triggered, panic alerts are sent via voice or text to response groups on a variety of devices such as PCs, desk and mobile phones, and of course MOTOTRBO™ radios.


What type of radios are compatible with the panic button solution?

Teldio’s panic solution is compatible with all Motorola digital mode MOTOTRBO™ display portables & mobiles. in the following radio network modes:

  • Direct Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Capacity Max

The panic button alarm can be programmed into any available button on the radio.

To which alarm outputs can the panic button solution send alarm notifications?

The panic button solution can send notifications through email notifications, contact closure alarms (lights, siren, etc.), GSM Text Messages, MOTOTRBO™ Text Messages, and Audio Alerts for radio channels and phones.

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