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MDN – Man Down Notifier

MDN – Man Down Notifier

Man Down Notifier (MDN) proactively monitors workers to identify if they have suffered a fall or accident. It does so by dispatching a notification to the appropriate response group or individual when the radio’s accelerometer (motion sensor) detects a lack of movement, a horizontal tilt or both. MDN isn’t intrusive like other man down solutions. Its rich functionality, including tilt recalibration, sleep timer and pre-alarm configuration, significantly reduce the number of false alarms while ensuring mobile workers are protected.

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Monitor Lone Worker Safety Via Their Two-Way Radio

Proactive Lone Worker Monitoring on MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radios

Teldio’s Man Down Notifier (MDN) is a cost-effective and potentially lifesaving way of detecting if a worker has had a fall or accident. By using MOTOTRBO’s integrated motion sensor, MDN monitors workers by detecting a lack of movement, a horizontal tilt, or both. The application is both reliable and robust, and ready to be integrated into your Lone Worker policy.



At Teldio, we recognize that not all jobs and tasks are completed when standing up-right. That’s why MDN parameters best detect when an employee has suffered a fall or fallen victim to a work accident. The application is also intelligent in that it limits the number of false alarms with its parameters. MDN parameters are easily customized, and users can quickly set their appropriate point of reference on their radio to avoid false alarms.

How Can Teldio Help You Achieve Your Health & Safety Goals?

We often hear from our customers the importance of complying to Health & Safety regulations, and the need to manage the risks that their employees encounter in their daily operations. We strongly believe that worker safety should be a priority for employers, and the NHS agrees.

To do so, employers need a formal Work Alone policy that:
  1. Defines which tasks are not suitable for working alone, in compliance with OSHA industry standards;
  2. Defines steps to take when working alone, whether by providing proper communication channels and/or by reporting in periodically on the employee’s well-being;
  3. Establishes other controls such as emergency signaling, emergency response, and rescue.

Teldio’s advanced telephone interconnect, RBX +Plus, and its lone worker applications, MDN and CLW, help companies reduce the cost of compliance and improve the safety of their people and processes. Let’s chat to see how Teldio apps can improve your lone worker policy.

MDN Features

  • Intelligent man down detection algorithms to detect when a worker is in need of help
  • Man down alarm audio beacons to help locate workers
  • Man down pre-alarms to allow users to cancel false alarms
  • Sleep mode to temporarily disable man down detection
  • Configurable parameters for motion, tilt, pre-alarm and sleep mode timers
  • Automatic emergency notification to the appropriate group or individual when man down alarms are triggered
  • Different communication devices can simultaneously receive the man down alarm notifications when paired with ACS
  • Server-based software enhances the robustness of the solution and prevents false alarms
  • Complementary operation alongside RBX +Plus on the same MOTOTRBO™ expansion card
  • Fully compatible with Teldio’s application portfolio


Enhanced Worker Safety

MDN is an intelligent lone worker safety application that lets employees complete their jobs while monitoring their safety in the background. It works non-intrusively directly from the workers MOTOTRBO™ radio without interfering with ongoing activities. Customizable parameters allow for a flexible solution that is sure to enhance lone worker safety. The application ensures that mobile workers are not left to their own peril when completing potentially dangerous assignments and tasks. MDN automatically sends a notification to response teams or individuals so that when a lone worker needs help, help will come.

Frequent Use Cases
  • Utility worker completing a tricky repair in the field
  • Security guard on patrol during the night shift
  • Maintenance engineer completing his rounds in the facility

Increased Situational Awareness

It’s all nice and well that the response group is notified of a man down alarm, but what happens if they can’t find the person in need of help? MDN emits a loud audible audio beacon from the MOTOTRBO™ radio when a man down alarm is triggered. This feature greatly reduces the response time to MDN alarms. No need to worry that MDN will trigger cumbersome false alarms. MDN uses intelligent man down algorithms to detect the well-being of workers and is calibrated to the reference point best suited for that particular worker. The application also emits a pre-alarm prior to triggering a full alarm so that workers can cancel the MDN alarm.

Frequent Use Case
  • Campus security guards on patrol
  • Construction workers completing jobs in hazardous sites
  • Worker in lab completing tests with hazardous chemicals

System Architecture

MDN is a software application installed on MOTOTRBO’s expansion cards and works hand-in-hand with the ACS installed on a in-house server. The server interfaces to the radio system using a MOTOTRBO control station (mobile radio). The system design allows you to proactively monitor mobile workers using their MOTOTRBO’s motion sensor, and automatically signal for emergency response via ACS when a man down alarm is triggered.


MDN is compatible with all display MOTOTRBO™ digital radios* in Direct, Repeater, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect, Linked Capacity Plus & Capacity Max modes.

* Motorola Expansion Cards Required – can be purchased separately or pre-installed on MOTOTRBO™ radios

What type of radios are compatible with RBX +Plus?

Teldio’s MDN is compatible with all Motorola digital MOTOTRBO™ display portables and mobiles in the following radio network modes:

  • Direct Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Capacity Max

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