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Email Gateway

MOTOTRBO Email Gateway

Teldio’s Email Gateway connects mobile workers to administrators, other departments, and users outside of the radio network. The Email Gateway allows two-way radios to send and receive emails directly from the radio handset and integrates third-party work management systems to the radio network to send work orders directly to MOTOTRBO radios. Workflow task management becomes streamlined with the Email Gateway.

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Send & Receive Emails From Your Two-Way Radio

Send Work Orders Directly to MOTOTRBO Radios

Email Gateway allows dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators to send work orders to MOTOTRBO radio users and groups through the work management systems. Workflow becomes streamlined when radio users receive work tickets, accept jobs, and alert supervisors when tasks are completed.

Email Gateway integrates into most third-party Work Management Systems such as HotSOS, SynergyMMS and GuestwareStarguest. Easy to install on any PC on the LAN network, Email Gateway’s user interface is clean, intuitive and easy to use.

Send & Receive Emails on MOTOTRBO Radios

MOTOTRBO radio users can send and receive emails directly from their radio handsets with Email Gateway. This allows for radio users to leverage data applications on their radio and communicate freely with other members in their group, department, and organization.


Radio users can send and receive emails (up to 275 characters) directly on their radio handset. Emails are sent to a radio user’s email account (which can be a real email account or an alias email address), forwarded to the server and dispatched to the radio(s) via the two-way radio network.

Email Gateway Features

  • Send and receive emails on MOTOTRBO two-way radios
  • Compatible with most third-party work management systems to send work orders directly to individual radio users and groups
  • Radio users receive work tickets, accept jobs, and alert supervisors when tasks are completed
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Pre-programmed messages can be configured to simplify the radio user’s reply
  • Easily integrates with all email servers including SMTP, POP & IMAP services
  • Easy to configure application
  • Option to send emails to a radio user’s email account, set up as a dedicated email account per radio user, or as an alias address for a single email account. A catch all email is not a requirement.

Increased Productivity

Email Gateway increases productivity by allowing dispatchers and supervisors to send work tickets to MOTOTRBO radio users by integrating to third-party work management systems. Sending work tickets to mobile workers allows you to create a dynamic and flexible workflow. Email Gateway also increases productivity by empowering MOTOTRBO users to send and receive emails directly on their two-way radios.

Frequent Use Case
  • Dispatcher sends work ticket to mobile worker
  • Mobile workers send and receive emails from their MOTOTRBO radios

Improved Situational Awareness

With Email Gateway, mobile workers can be alerted in case of an imminent danger, an accident or an event. Dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators can send a mass notification to all assigned MOTOTRBO users, to a group of users and to individual users. Whether mobile workers require sporadic alerts for incoming severe weather or periodic alerts for shift rotations and break times, Email Gateway is a simple tool to get the message out.

Frequent Use Case
  • Alert all workers of incoming severe weather
  • Notify security group of abnormal activity

Reduced Operational Costs

Further leverage the value of your MOTOTRBO radio network with Email Gateway. Eliminate communication barriers between mobile workers and the rest of your workforce by enabling emails on MOTOTRBO radios. With Email Gateway, you can also further leverage your existing work management system by allowing mobile workers to receive job tickets directly on their MOTOTRBO.

Frequent Use Case
  • Send and receive emails on MOTOTRBO radios
  • Tie into the existing work management system
  • Users respond quickly with pre-programmed responses

System Architecture

Email Gateway is housed on a server that is connected to the MOTOTRBO radio network via a direct repeater connection or control stations. If using control stations in conventional modes, the system requires one control station per repeater slot. In trucked environments, the system requires only one control station.

Email Gateway can have an unlimited number of users. Emails can be sent to groups of users or individual users as MOTOTRBO job tickets or text messages and pre-programmed response messages can be configured to simplify responses from the radios.


Email Gateway is compatible with all MOTOTRBO digital display radios in Simplex, Repeater, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Max and Connect Plus modes.

For Work Tickets to MOTOTRBO

Configuration is simple! Work tickets are forwarded to the server via email and dispatched to the radio(s) as a text message or job ticket via the two-way radio network.

For Integration into Third Party Work Ticketing Systems

Tying these two pieces together is also easy and straightforward. Set up the radios in your third-party work order system just as you would any other users. Pre-canned messages and/or respond with any additional notes that pertain to the ticket need to be configured in the radio. An unlimited number of work order stages/responses per ticket are supported. When the radios send the response back, the work order status is automatically updated on the host system.

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