Teldio is a Certified Motorola MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radio Applications Developer


Design, Document, Deliver & Manage Two-Way Radio Networks

At Teldio, we’ve been working closely with radio dealers for the past six years. As a third-party application developer, we understand how hard it is to manage two-way radio networks. That’s why we created D3M!

D3M simplifies the process of designing, documenting, delivering and managing two-way radio networks. Whether it’s a small radio deployment or a large communications network, D3M brings everyone involved in the design & management process together.

The easy-to-use web application allows users to:

    • Quickly & Easily Design Two-way Radio Networks
    • Create Fleetmaps to Track Inventory & Programming Settings
    • Store & Manage Important Files such as Codeplugs, Quotes & Contracts
    • Share Projects & Live Collaborate with Others





Drag n’ drop radio network elements to quickly & easily create professional diagrams.



Automatically generate spreadsheet fleetmaps to track inventory & programming settings.



Create professional diagrams & project proposals land that big deal.



Manage & share your projects & files from a single & secure accessible cloud platform.

Save Valuable Employee Time

  • Design professional two-way radio network architecture diagrams in a matter of minutes.
  • As you design your radio network and add properties to elements, D3M automatically creates a fleetmap, saving you and your team valuable time.

Create Professional Documents

    • Effortlessly deliver professional project proposals to your prospective customers.
    • Collaborate and share your progress with customers by giving them view or edit access to current network diagrams and fleetmaps.

Enhance Communication

  • D3M allows you to speak one common unified language to avoid any chance of miscommunication.
  • Live collaboration, viewing and editing ensure you’re able to work efficiently with remote team members, 3rd party vendors and manufacturers.

Centralize Your Data

  • Ensure customer installs run smoothly by giving all parties involved in the radio project access to the most up-to date data in the cloud.
“D3M is an excellent collaboration tool for sales, engineers, & technicians. Being able to share the design information in one centralized location will be far more efficient than our current method of e-mailing multiple file types back & forth.”

– Chris Pace IP Radio Solutions Manager, Bearcom

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