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Radio Dealers & Teldio Applications Survey Results

Over the last couple of months, we have asked our dealers to participate in a survey once their end user’s application(s) were installed and up and running for a while. And boy did they deliver!

This was the first time we’ve ever conducted a survey, and we are happy we did. We’re excited to share the survey results, because not only do they let us know that our MOTOTRBO applications are top notch, but they also let us know that our team is delivering excellent customer service (as they always have).

Now let’s dive into some of the findings!

  • 100% of dealers would recommend Teldio applications to a friend in the industry
  • 83% of dealers think Teldio voice & data applications are intuitive & easy to use
  • 100% agree that adding applications to their customer’s radio network enhanced their solution
  • 83% of two-way radio dealers agree that adding apps to their customer proposals has helped their dealership stand out from the competition
  • 91% of users questioned believe that Teldio applications are superior to other MOTOTRBO applications they have sold in the past


We have to say that we are completely honored by all your amazing comments. You all sure know how to make us feel good. Saying things like…

“Good Canadian company that provides exceptional service which is absolutely critical for our end users.”

“Mark and D play key roles in my decision to keep pushing Teldio products. The excellent technical support and product knowledge that the Technical Support team provides is invaluable to providing a smooth installation and positive customer experience. In my experience with other companies, this has been the best third-party MOTOTRBO application developer to work with.”

“Far superior to other APP providers I have worked with.”

“The support staff is amazing and are very patient dealing with our madness.”


Thank you to all of our dealers who participated in the survey. We appreciate all of your hard work and look forward to working together very shortly. 

18 Apr 2017

National 911 Education Month

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For over forty years, 911 has served as the vital link between emergency services and the public in times of personal crisis and community disasters in North America. Communications personnel receive calls and rapidly dispatch emergency service professionals and equipment to render life-saving assistance to those in need.

We rely on this system to assure the public’s safety every day and this April marks 911 education month. Public safety professionals, teachers, government officials, media representatives, and the wireless industry are working together to teach young people how important it is to know when, why and how to dial 911.

In honor of 911 Education Month, at Teldio we feel it is very important to understand how to use 911 correctly to give first responders a better scope of the situation. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for calling 911:

  • DO use 9-1-1 only in emergency situations
  • DO know your location when calling for help
  • DO keep your phone locked when not in use to avoid calling 911 accidentally
  • DO listen carefully, speak clearly and remain calm when speaking to a 911 dispatcher
  • DO stay on the line until you are instructed otherwise
  • DO provide all the necessary information
  • DON’T program 911 into your phone
  • DON’T hang up if you accidentally dial 911
  • DON’T use 911 as an “information line”

For more information on National 911 Education Month, visit

Did you know you can dial 911 from your MOTOTRBO radio?

Teldio’s RBX (Radio Branch Exchange) is the first digital radio telephony system specifically designed to allow radio users to make and receive phone calls directly on their radios without the need of a dispatcher. In the event of an emergency, a mobile worker can dial for help, whether it be internally or externally to 911 to ensure immediate response and action.

For more information on RBX and how radio users can dial 911, please contact our sales reps.






Teldio, a leading two-way radio applications developer, will be exhibiting its innovative solutions and advanced network design, quotation, and management tool, D3M, at the Motorola Solutions Channel Partner Expo (CPE) & International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) later this March.

Looking to expand their reach with new and existing partners, Teldio will be showcasing their entire application portfolio including live demonstrations of their solutions, plus their newest application, Email Gateway.

The company will also be launching D3M Pro at two shows which includes all the features the application is known for such as network diagramming and proposal generation, plus the addition of a new quoting tool and an application branding function which allows users to fully customize the colors and logos of the app.

Teldio encourages everyone to come by to learn more about these solutions!

Teldio will be exhibiting at CPE, held at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas from March 27th through to the 28th (booth 500 & 501) and IWCE, taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 29th & 30th (booth 1279).

International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), the premier annual event for communications technology professionals, today officially announced the first annual IWCE Young Professional Award winners and Teldio’s very own Mark Dabrowski is among the winners!

IWCE’s Young Professional Awards recognizes young professionals under 35 who have made a significant contribution in his or her company or agency and works in the communications technology industry. These individuals are executing some of the most innovative ideas, showing creativity and initiative.

Mark co-founded Teldio ( over nine years ago and has been a driving force behind the growth and diversification of the company ever since. Mark is a Rochester Institute of Technology graduate and was recruited directly out of university by Canadian serial entrepreneur Sir Terrance Matthews.

Mark was the catalyst behind Teldio’s entry into the Professional Mobile Radio space and was the chief architect behind what was and is, one of the leading digital telephone interconnect solutions on the market today. This technology migration allowed Teldio to develop and a host of solutions addressing situational awareness, security and safety as a Platinum Partner in Motorola’s ADP program.

Not satisfied that applications alone were the answer but simplicity of network design was key to helping dealers and manufacturers make the transition from analog to digital networks, Mark again went on a crusade with fellow staff members to address this. Three years ago, Teldio released D3M ( the first web-based application tool for radio network design and management with integrated functionality addressing the needs of manufacturers and resellers alike. Mark’s name is all over this industry leading solution as adoption continues to scale with radio manufacturers, resellers & master distributors.

On his spare time, Mark dedicates his efforts to a non-for-profit organization he co-founded named Water Rangers ( Its mission is to build tools to help citizens and scientists easily record and analyze water data so it can be used to learn about problems and share discoveries to help protect the world’s largest source of fresh water. Recently, Mark was a first-time speaker at TedX Kanata where he discussed the benefits of being able to follow your passions while remaining committed to your full-time job.

A dedicated team member, community leader, and loving husband, Mark is a prime example of a Young Professional this industry should be proud of.

Congratulations on the IWCE Young Professionals Award Mark! 

Winners will be recognized at a ceremony on March 30th at 9:45 a.m. in the Keynote Area of the IWCE at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Members of the Teldio team will be there to accept Mark’s award on his behalf.


Teldio’s ID Badge is a wearable panic button that is practical & discreet. When a dangerous situation arises, users can activate a panic alarm to request help. Using Bluetooth® technology paired with Teldio’s location (RTLS) & alarm (ACS) applications, the response team is quickly notified of the user’s location and can respond immediately.

The Bluetooth ID Badge functions like a regular badge, but it’s enabled with Bluetooth for indoor positioning and a panic alert button on the back.


Wireless Range

With a 150+ foot range, the badge can be used throughout the building with Bluetooth beacons.

Long Battery Life

Lasting for 7+ days, users receive a text or email when the battery needs recharging.

No Monthly Fee

Operating through the customer’s LAN, the badge is fully functional without any monthly service fees.


Teldio’s Alarm Control System (ACS) receives the alarm and dispatches it to the response team. Receiving a text message directly on their mobile device (MOTOTRBO™ radio, cell phone or email-enabled device), the alarm includes the distressed person’s last known location to significantly reduces response times.

Personal Safety Buttons
Teldio offers a variety of panic alerting solutions. Trigger an alarm through an ID badge, MOTOTRBO™ radio, Android device, wireless wall mounted button or wireless wrist watch.


Are you serious about safety?
Learn more about Teldio’s ID badge & panic alerting solutions.

31 Jan 2017

We’re attending the GLMSS Annual Meeting

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Join Teldio in sunny St. Pete Beach, Florida for the 2017 GLMSS Annual Meeting.

Running from February second to the third, GLMSS is open to Motorola Service Partners, Motorola Premier Service Partners & Application Developers like ourselves. The meeting will include training information, vendor exhibits, and presentations.

We’re excited to show off our complete MOTOTRBO solution portfolio including our newest application, Email Gateway. Stop by our booth and Teldio’s Channel Account Manager, Jim Pustay will have sweet treats and will give you a quick demo of D3M, our two-way radio design and management tool designed specifically for radio dealers.

We hope to see you there!

Algoma Power Inc. delivers power to 11,000 residents and businesses in Northern Ontario. Overseeing the distribution of electricity for rural areas, they monitor over 1,000 miles of electrical lines covering over 3 million acres.

Covering a large rural territory, there are areas where cell phones and satellite phones don’t have a signal. Algoma wanted to ensure their staff were connected at all times so they could exchange information, call for help in emergency situations and unite employees between the main office and two satellite locations.

Five repeaters were installed throughout the region to provide complete coverage by Spectrum Telcom. Crew members were equipped with MOTOTRBO XPR6550 radios enabling them to efficiently communicate within the large rural service territory. Teldio’s telephone interconnect, Radio Branch Exchange (RBX) was added to the radio network so users can make and receive phone calls on their radios, no matter their location.

  • Superior coverage throughout the entire service region. No dead zones.
  • Improved efficiency and response times.
  • Increased safety and security with reliable communications & the ability to directly dial 911.
  • Maintaining a continuous flow of information between field technicians and the home office is cost-effective for repair and restoration times.

Are you a utility company and think that Teldio apps could improve your operations? Learn more about Teldio applications & download the full case study today. 

We’re excited to introduce Email Gateway, Teldio’s newest MOTOTRBO application. Designed to give mobile workers the ability to access and respond to emails and work orders directly on their MOTOTRBO radios, Email Gateway streamlines workflow. Email Gateway increases productivity and simplifies day-to-day operations.

Send & Receive Emails 
Emails are sent to a radio user’s email account (no catch-all account needed), forwarded to the server and dispatched to the radio(s) via the radio network. To improve response times, pre-programmed messages can be configured to simplify the radio user’s reply.

Integrate Into Hotel Management Systems
Email Gateway integrates into most third-party hotel work management systems such as HOTSOS, Starguest, GuestwareSynergyMMS & more. When a user responds to work orders, the software is automatically updated.

Third Party Work Ticket Integration
Email Gateway allows dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators to send work tickets to MOTOTRBO radio users and groups through third-party work management systems. Users can accept tasks, and alert supervisors when they are complete.

Fast, reliable & easy to operate, Teldio’s Email Gateway provides your customers with a cost effective solution that creates a dynamic workflow & increases productivity. Read more in our Email Gateway brochure.


Thursday, January 19th @ 2:00 pm EST for an informational webinar. Sign up today.

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