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Extensive Solutions for the Education Industry

In the education industry, creating a safe, secure environment for students and faculty is a top priority whether it’s a university, college, or grade school. This makes communication and location tracking key factors in a maintaining a safe, well-connected space. Our applications leverage the schools’ existing mobile communications networks and building infrastructure to increase productivity & improve responsiveness to day-to-day situations and emergencies.

The Benefits of Teldio Applications in the Education Sector

Teldio applications offer many benefits to the education sector, resulting in the ability to:

  • Increase safety for students and faculty by eliminating communication barriers and maintaining a continuous flow of information between teachers, security, staff & students
  • Improve responsiveness by automating alarm notifications ensuring all are acknowledged, resolved and closed
  • Enhance school bus management by allowing dispatchers to calculate bus arrival times, notify drivers of weather or upcoming traffic
  • Improve employee visibility by utilizing Bluetooth technology indoors & GPS for outdoor users to pinpoints an employee’s location

Increase Safety & Staff Efficiency with Our Applications

Track your school buses with TruFleet to improve student safety & effectively respond to emergencies by giving administrators the ability to locate buses at all times. RBX +Plus extends your radio’s reach to those who don’t carry radios, providing workers the ability to dial both internal & external numbers, eliminating problematic cell phone dead zones.
ACS offers BT panic buttons provide a quick and convenient way to summon help in a dangerous situation. The system ensures that all alarms are acknowledged & resolved, resulting in a safer learning environment. WTS allows you to seamlessly send and monitor work tickets to ensure all issues and emergencies are being dealt with in a timely manner.


Do you have education customers that you could add applications to? Download the brochure to learn more about our education solutions today or contact us to speak with someone directly.

12 Jun 2018

We’re Attending SEMSS this Month

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At the end of the month, our team will be heading to the annual SEMSS (South East Motorola Service Stations) regional meeting. The meeting will be held at the breathtaking Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes on Wednesday, June 27th and Thursday, June 28th. Our team will be showcasing our full suite of two-way radio applications, including our newest application WTS, an all in one work order system for a fraction of the cost.

The regional meeting is open to all Motorola Service Partners and Motorola Premier Service Partners nationwide. We look forward to seeing some familiar faces, as well as meeting some new ones.


Let us know if you’ll be attending!

The Teldio Team

23 May 2018

Teldio Launches a Work Ticketing System

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Teldio’s new Work Ticketing System (WTS) offers an all in one work order system at a fraction of the cost. It is the perfect work management solution if a current third-party work management system is not in place and ideal for a multitude of industries, including Hospitality, Manufacturing, Education, and Healthcare.

Streamline their workflow by improving communication and productivity

WTS is an all-in-one working ticket management system which can be set up in a matter of minutes, needing nothing more than a radio network and/or IP network connection. Productivity is improved when users receive work tickets, accept jobs, and alert supervisors when tasks are completed.

The web app works alongside Teldio Gateway to ensure consistent communication.


Key Features

  • Web-based ticket portal: Dispatchers and administrators can dispatch tickets by logging in to a web portal on the local network via a desktop computer or mobile device.
  • Dispatch to different types of users: Work tickets can be dispatched out to radios as a text message, job ticket, or to smart devices as an email.
  • Trackable ticket activity: See how long a ticket has been active, when it was last responded to and by who.
  • Customizable properties: Each property can customize their work ticket types, responses, set dispatcher permissions and white-label the portal.
  • Auto-set ticket types: Admins can set message formats (job ticket, text message or email) for specific ticket types to ensure the message is sent in the appropriate format.
  • Work ticket log: Detailed Ticket and User access logs are tracked and can be downloaded as a CSV.

Compatible Industries

  • Hospitality: Seamlessly communicate with your staff to ensure all guest requests are handled in a timely, professional manner.
  • Manufacturing: Reduce downtime by quickly notifying key personnel of faults and potential issues.
  • Education: Increase staff and student safety by promptly alerting staff when emergencies arise, from an injured student to a fire alarm.
  • Healthcare: Increase productivity and improve responsiveness to day-to-day situations and emergencies ensure all patients are receiving the necessary treatment.


For more information on our Work Ticketing System contact us, we are always happy to help!

In the manufacturing industry, employee safety and productivity are of prime concern, making communication and location tracking key factors in a quick and streamlined response. Our solutions connect workers to the real-time informational intelligence they need to increase workplace efficiency and reliability while ensuring worker safety and security.

The Benefits of Teldio Applications in the Manufacturing Industry

Teldio applications offer many benefits to the manufacturing industry, resulting in the ability to:

  • Improve efficiency by generating work tickets and sending them directly to mobile workers on their two-way radios.
  • Decrease operational downtime by automatically receiving notifications on radio handsets from fire alarms, production machinery, security alarms, HVAC systems, elevators and more.
  • Eliminate recurring monthly fees by replacing radios for all other mobile communication devices, including cell phones, pagers, safety pendants, and more.
  • Improve communication by enabling radios to communicate with mobile phones and PCs.


Improve Productivity and Employee Safety with Our Applications

Man down notifier monitors the radio’s motion sensor for a lack of movement, horizontal tilt, or both. Centralized lone worker ensures lone worker safety by periodically pinging their radios.
RBX +Plus allows radio users to make and receive phone calls directly on their radios, streamlining communication between phone and radio users and eliminating recurring mobile communication costs.
ACS dispatches notifications based on an employee’s schedule & competency. The system ensures that all alarms are acknowledged & resolved, preventing problems and unplanned downtime.
TruDispatch bridges communication between mobile radio users and PC users. A dispatcher can communicate with all or a select group of radio users with the push of a button, streamlining communication.
RTLS pinpoints an employee’s location utilizing Bluetooth technology indoors & GPS for the outdoors, reducing the time spent locating an employee and enabling the ability to dispatch jobs to the nearest employee.
TruFleet tracks the movements of MOTOTRBO radios via GPS (outdoor) or iBeacons (indoor) to calculate arrival times, and ensure the safety of employees and valuables assets.

Do you have manufacturing customers that you could add applications to? Download the brochure to learn more about our manufacturing solutions today or contact us to speak with someone directly.

Teldio’s Alarm Control System (ACS) integrates into building management, machinery alarms & network systems to monitor for alarms around the clock. The software application receives alarms and dispatches as text messages or work tickets to employees’ MOTOTRBO radios, mobile phones and/or email-enabled devices based on the time of day, schedule & competency necessary to respond. ACS ensures that the alarm and work ticket notification process is automatic, efficient and reliable.

How It Works

When an alarm is triggered, ACS filters the notification based on an employee’s competency, location & schedule. The alarm is then sent to the best person or group. The closed loop system pushes alarms to the next suitable person until it is acknowledged, significantly reducing response times to alarms and emergency events. Lastly, an alarm report is generated for management to review.


Smart Tickets

Effective job ticket management requires two essential elements: collaboration & coordination. Smart Tickets gives you both, ensuring that work ticket management runs smoothly from beginning to end. As a team member accepts and closes a work ticket, the remaining group members’ radios automatically update the work ticket’s status, ensuring all alarms are handled in a timely manner. By keeping everyone in sync, employees are more productive, efficient and workflow is better managed. Smart Tickets offer dynamic responses based on preprogrammed ticket rules to ensure certain alarms cannot be declined, such as fire alarms, increasing employee safety.


Smart Tickets vs. Job Tickets

The standard MOTOTRBO™ job tickets do not update their status on other radios as a user accepts or rejects a task. Users have no indication if tickets are accepted, resolved, or closed by other users. With Smart Tickets all users are aware of all alarm statuses automatically, improving workplace efficiency, accountability, and employee safety.

Find out more in our Smart Tickets brochure and ACS brochure. For more information please contact us, we are always happy to help!

27 Feb 2018

We’re Attending CPE and IWCE this March

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Teldio, a certified Motorola MOTOTRBO two-way radio applications developer, is happy to announce that we will be attending both the CPE and IWCE tradeshows this March. The shows will run from March 4th to 9th in Orlando, Florida, with CPE being held at the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel and IWCE being held at the Orange County Convention Center.

CPE is being held from March 4th to 6th and is Motorola Solutions Channel Partner Expo where Channel Partners come to explore new strategies and opportunities for growth while showcasing their products and services. Partners also have the opportunity to see many exhibitors from a variety of vertical markets.

IWCE is the International Wireless Communications Expo and is held from March 5th through to March 9th, with exhibits from March 7th to 8th. The conference is aimed to connect people to information about technology, products and/or policies to help increase their company’s success.

Many members of our team will be at CPE and IWCE showcasing our full suite of two-way radio applications and solutions, as well as with our network & design tool, D3M. We’ll be highlighting our newest solution School Bus Tracking, a web app that works alongside GPS-enabled MOTOTRBO radios equipped with our TruFleet application. On the D3M side we will be highlighting our two newest features; floorplan and rack diagrams. We’ll also have some great giveaway items, discounts, and new features to announce, so make sure to stop by!


We hope to see you all there!

The Teldio Team

12 Feb 2018

New TruFleet School Bus Tracking Solution

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We are happy to announce a new feature which is available via our TruFleet two-way radio application, the School Bus Tracking Solution. The solution gives parents the ability to track their child’s school bus at any time from their phone, tablet or computer.

Allow Parents & Administrators to Track School Buses Anytime, Anywhere

The TruFleet School Bus Tracking Solution is a web-based two-way radio application that allows school administrators & parents and to track their children’s school bus from a tablet, computer or mobile phone. Teldio’s TruFleet solution tracks MOTOTRBO radios located in each school bus to provide real-time location data.

The web application provides parents with up to date information and real-time GPS coordinates of their children’s school bus. Accounts are only available for parents and guardians and must be verified by the school board to ensure child safety and security.

How It Works

The School Bus Tracking Solution works with Teldio’s two-way radio application TruFleet to establish the coordinates of each school bus and its route. TruFleetTM AVL solution is a software application installed on a server, which tracks the location of GPS-enabled MOTOTRBO radios.

Keep your School Board’s Parents Informed and Children Safe

Whether at the office, in another city, or at home, parents have the ability to track their child’s school bus from anywhere. Parents can now pull up the exact location of their child’s bus in real-time, via phone, tablet or computer, to have a better idea of when they’ll be home. The web app works alongside GPS-enabled MOTOTRBO radios equipped with Teldio’s TruFleet application.

Key Features

Access the App Anytime – Parents can track their child’s school bus anytime via phone, tablet or computer.

Track Multiple Routes – Parents can track multiple buses if they have children on different routes.

School Board Authentication – All new accounts must be verified by the school board to ensure student safety and security.

Know their Location – Parents see the exact location of their child’s bus in real-time to have a better idea of when they’ll be home.

Secure Portal – The password-protected web app is only available for parents and guardians of students on verified routes.

Whether you’re a member of the school’s administration, a parent, or guardian, this solution is built with everyone in mind. It ensures the safety of children while in the hands of the school board. For more information download the brochure or contact us at

From February 1st to 2nd Teldio is happy to announce that we will be attending the 2018 Great Lakes MSS (GLMSS) Spring Conference in sunny St. Pete Beach, Florida at the breathtaking Don CeSar hotel. The conference is open to authorized Motorola Application Providers, like ourselves and includes training information, vendor exhibits, and presentations.

Our Director of Sales, Jeff Smith, will be exhibiting our full suite of two-way radio applications and MOTOTRBO solutions, along with our two-way radio design and management tool, D3M designed specifically for radio dealers. Stop by and see how our applications not only improve radio networks but also enable employees to communicate effectively, improving operational efficiency and employee safety.

We hope to see you there!

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