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We’re attending the GLMSS Annual Meeting

31 Jan 2017

We’re attending the GLMSS Annual Meeting

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Join Teldio in sunny St. Pete Beach, Florida for the 2017 GLMSS Annual Meeting.

Running from February second to the third, GLMSS is open to Motorola Service Partners, Motorola Premier Service Partners & Application Developers like ourselves. The meeting will include training information, vendor exhibits, and presentations.

We’re excited to show off our complete MOTOTRBO solution portfolio including our newest application, Email Gateway. Stop by our booth and Teldio’s Channel Account Manager, Jim Pustay will have sweet treats and will give you a quick demo of D3M, our two-way radio design and management tool designed specifically for radio dealers.

We hope to see you there!

Algoma Power Inc. delivers power to 11,000 residents and businesses in Northern Ontario. Overseeing the distribution of electricity for rural areas, they monitor over 1,000 miles of electrical lines covering over 3 million acres.

Covering a large rural territory, there are areas where cell phones and satellite phones don’t have a signal. Algoma wanted to ensure their staff were connected at all times so they could exchange information, call for help in emergency situations and unite employees between the main office and two satellite locations.

Five repeaters were installed throughout the region to provide complete coverage by Spectrum Telcom. Crew members were equipped with MOTOTRBO XPR6550 radios enabling them to efficiently communicate within the large rural service territory. Teldio’s telephone interconnect, Radio Branch Exchange (RBX) was added to the radio network so users can make and receive phone calls on their radios, no matter their location.

  • Superior coverage throughout the entire service region. No dead zones.
  • Improved efficiency and response times.
  • Increased safety and security with reliable communications & the ability to directly dial 911.
  • Maintaining a continuous flow of information between field technicians and the home office is cost-effective for repair and restoration times.

Are you a utility company and think that Teldio apps could improve your operations? Learn more about Teldio applications & download the full case study today. 

We’re excited to introduce Email Gateway, Teldio’s newest MOTOTRBO application. Designed to give mobile workers the ability to access and respond to emails and work orders directly on their MOTOTRBO radios, Email Gateway streamlines workflow. Email Gateway increases productivity and simplifies day-to-day operations.

Send & Receive Emails 
Emails are sent to a radio user’s email account (no catch-all account needed), forwarded to the server and dispatched to the radio(s) via the radio network. To improve response times, pre-programmed messages can be configured to simplify the radio user’s reply.

Integrate Into Hotel Management Systems
Email Gateway integrates into most third-party hotel work management systems such as HOTSOS, Starguest, GuestwareSynergyMMS & more. When a user responds to work orders, the software is automatically updated.

Third Party Work Ticket Integration
Email Gateway allows dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators to send work tickets to MOTOTRBO radio users and groups through third-party work management systems. Users can accept tasks, and alert supervisors when they are complete.

Fast, reliable & easy to operate, Teldio’s Email Gateway provides your customers with a cost effective solution that creates a dynamic workflow & increases productivity. Read more in our Email Gateway brochure.


Thursday, January 19th @ 2:00 pm EST for an informational webinar. Sign up today.

Portable two-way radios ensure employees stay connected in real time, thus enhancing productivity and safety. Applications further enhance communication and create a more connected and secure workplace. Motorola Solutions’ white paper Two-Way Radios for the Modern Age explores how digital technology has transformed two-way radios and how data applications can further improve the mobile radio user’s experience and efficiency.

When first introduced in the 1940’s, two-way radios served only one purpose – to send and receive voice communications. While the latest generation of digital MOTOTRBO radio systems continues to deliver the same reliable push-to-talk instant communication, data connectivity brings text messaging, Bluetooth® connectivity, GPS awareness, and Wi-Fi® into the mix. As a result, these solutions make radios smarter and enhance team communications by improving the real-time flow of information.


Data Applications Pull It All Together
Applications are now as integral to your operations as the radios themselves. Industries including transportation, education, construction, manufacturing, energy and utilities, government, hospitality, retail, and more rely on data applications for their day-to-day operations.

Transform your radios into multi-functioning pieces of equipment with the addition of data applications. Increase the level of efficiency, safety, and productivity throughout your entire enterprise. Customize the applications below to fit your business needs.

Messaging – text and email integrations with logging and archiving features
Command & Control – console solutions for efficient business management
Personal Safety – integrated man down safety and emergency response tools
Fleet Monitoring – track & manage vehicles & assets in real-time
Voice Dispatching – centralized workforce management
Work Order Ticket Management – automatic workforce dispatching and productivity tracking
Location Tracking – indoor and outdoor location monitoring
Telephone Interconnect – connecting radio systems to telephone networks
Alarm & System Management – system status dashboards for optimal operation

To view Motorola Solutions’ Two-Way Radios for the Modern Age white paper, click here. To find out more about Teldio’s voice and data applications and see where your operation could benefit from data applications, watch our short overview video.

19 Dec 2016

Teldio Holiday Support Notice

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Holiday Support Notice

Teldio will be closed for the holidays from December 23rd at noon until January 3rd, 2017.

During this period, our Sales Team will have limited access to email. New order shipment activities will recommence with our return to work the week of January 3rd.

Our Technical Support Team will be monitoring the email account throughout this period for emergencies. During this time, any support requirements will be on a best effort basis. Please ensure that the appropriate personnel in your organization are aware of this notice.

On behalf of the entire Teldio Team, we’d like to thank you for your support! We wish you a safe & happy holiday season, and look forward to working with you in the New Year!



Summer is almost over which means we’re getting ready for all the upcoming Motorola Difference shows which occur over the next two months. And, boy are we keeping our sales team busy!

Held in seven cities across the U.S. & Canada throughout October and November, we’re delighted to be among the handful of application partners selected to attend. We will be showcasing all eight of our MOTOTRBO applications and demoing D3M, our network design tool that simplifies the process of designing and managing radio networks.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet one-on-one with us to see what’s new, learn about the many solutions we have to offer your customers and see live demos of all the new and exciting D3M features.

Here’s a rundown of the shows. Take a look and see if we’re heading to a place near you.

• Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, October 4-5
• Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, Maryland, October 10-11
• Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, Florida, October 17-18
• Four Seasons Resort & Club, Dallas, TX, October 24-25
• Renaissance, Chicago, Illinois, October 26-27
• Grand Hyatt, Atlanta, Georgia, November 1-2
• Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 16-17

We hope to see you at the shows! Be sure to stop by our booth!

The Teldio & D3M Team

12 Sep 2016

Teldio’s Correctional Facility Solutions

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In high-threat environments like prisons, staff need the right tools in order to act quickly. Teldio’s correctional facility solutions enhance your MOTOTRBO radios and address the unique challenges associated with correctional services.


pullcord_correctional_facility_solutionsREQUEST HELP QUICKLY – PANIC PULL CORD

Should an emergency situation arise, employees can quickly request help with Teldio’s panic alerting solution. Activated by a single pull, the alarm is transmitted to ACS and notifies the response team instantly.


 (Alarm Control System) integrates into facility management & security systems to create a unified platform to manage alarms around the clock. Monitoring against a multitude of threats – from security breaches to fire alarms – ACS dispatches alarms to the most appropriate personnel based on their location, schedule & competency.

rtls_correctional_facility_solutions-2LOCATE EMPLOYEES IN REAL-TIME

Quickly locate employees with RTLS. Supervisors can verify that security rounds were completed, be notified when a guard enters a restricted area & locate distressed employees whether they are indoors or outdoors.

trufleet_correctional_facility_solutions-2MONITOR & TRACK VEHICLES 

Trufleet puts you in the passenger seat of every inmate transfer. Supervisors can track & manage vehicles in real-time to calculate arrival times, pinpoint their location, and trigger an alarm should a vehicle go off course.

Fast, reliable, and easy to operate, Teldio applications are designed to provide facilities with unprecedented levels of visibility into every aspect of their operations. All of our apps can be tailored to address correctional facility challenges & run simultaneously on one radio.




Do you think Teldio solutions could help your operations? Take a look at our correctional facility solutions brochure and please contact us for more information.

Radios w apps-3

When an emergency arises – from an injured employee to a fire alarm – you need to connect your workers wherever they are located. Think you can depend on cell phones for reliable communications? Think again.

For all they offer in the way of convenience, cell phones have notable drawbacks* when compared with two-way radios in an enterprise setting. Radios…

  • Are available during emergencies when cell towers are overloaded
  • Have a 50% lower total cost of ownership over a five-year period
  • Don’t have coverage gaps or poor signal strength
  • Have a longer battery life
  • Add applications to improve employee safety & security

Radio w apps2

Radios Outperform Cell Phones 

  • CONNECTIVITY – Relay critical information & instructions to a large group of users with the push of a button.
  • SECURE NETWORK – Operating on an independent network, radios are dependable & ensure communication lines are always open.
  • PURPOSE DRIVEN – Radios keep employees focused. Average call duration is 10-30 seconds.
  • GROUP COMMUNICATIONS – Users can easily communicate one-on-one or with entire groups.
  • CLARITY – Enterprise grade noise cancelling technology.


Radio with appsTurn Your Radio into a Smartradio with Apps

Radios can be transformed into multi-functioning devices with the addition of Teldio applications. Turn your radio into a phone, receive & manage alarms, protect lone workers from falls or accidents, and locate them at any time.

watch video

Learn More About Radios & Apps!
See how applications for two-way radios can transform your mobile communications & enhance your workers’ safety

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