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The world revolves around its dependence on energy. However, company profitability is perpetually threatened by volatile energy prices, putting greater pressure on margins, increased uptime, worker safety, and customer satisfaction. While it becomes harder to generate profitable growth, key stakeholders continue to expect the achievement of cost containment. Teldio apps leverage the facilities’ existing mobile communication network and building infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, increase employee safety and security, and ensure emergency readiness.

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Keep Your Team Informed & Up-To-Date At All Times With Two-Way Radio Apps

Popular Use Cases

Keep Them Connected
RBX +Plus Fill-in coverage gaps where telephony dead zones exist with RBX +Plus and MOTOTRBO
RBX +Plus Call ahead capability to notify tenant prior to arrival (i.e. site visits) by making and receiving internal and external phone calls from MOTOTRBO radios
RBX +Plus Give MOTOTRBO radios extensions on the corporate telephony system (PBX)
RBX +Plus Eliminate communication barriers between phone users (administrative staff, dispatchers) and mobile workers (engineering, maintenance, security) with talkgroups
RBX +Plus Twin a desk extension and a MOTOTRBO radio to never miss a call
RBX +Plus
Record radio talkgroup chatter and phone to radio conversations for future playback
Keep Them Informed
ACS Automatically send rules-based notifications of events and alarms from facilities (i.e. substations, transformers)
ACS Automate status alerts of plant machinery via MOTOTRBO, email and SMS
ACS Generate work tickets, send them directly to MOTOTRBO radios and track their progression status
ACS Send notifications of incoming severe weather to mobile workers
Keep Them Safe
RBX +Plus Enable mobile workers to call for emergency help, either internally or to 9-1-1 operators
Mitigate liabilities set by union-approved work alone policies with lone worker monitoring
MDN Continuously monitor the safety of mobile field workers while on shift

Solution Benefits

Keeping Them Connected

Keeping workers connected means that they have the means to communicate freely, from anywhere in the plant facility or out in the field, and at any time. With Teldio’s RBX +Plus, dead zones are eliminated and workers are always connected with their MOTOTRBO radio. They can make and receive phone calls directly from their radio handsets. Popular examples include calling ahead to notify tenants prior to workers’ arrival, and calling supplier from the plant floor.

Teldio apps also eliminate communication barriers between phone and radio users. Managers and team supervisors can easily dial into radio talkgroups and communicate with groups of radio users from any phone, at any time, from anywhere. With Teldio’s R2R and RBX +Plus applications, radio-to-radio and phone-to-radio conversations can also be recorded for increased auditing capability.


Keeping Them Informed

Keeping workers informed ensures that they make the best decisions based on real-time information. ACS sends workers notifications on their MOTOTRBO radios alerting them of alarms triggered from often disparate sources, such as pumps and gauges, machinery, and other more complex systems linking the components critical to the power generation, transmission and distribution processes. Receiving notifications of these alarms on MOTOTRBO radios significantly improves response times and reduces productivity losses and down time.

Keeping workers informed also involves sending them up-to-date work tickets directly on their radio handsets. This allows for implementing a dynamic workflow process. ACS allows supervisors to generate work tickets and track their status from any computer on the network.


Keeping Them Safe

Keeping workers safe ensures that compliance to health and safety regulations is met, and that operational practices are implemented.

Many unionized work environments throughout the USA and Canada require mobile workers who often work alone to have the ability to dial 9-1-1. For workers who are often asked to complete tasks in remote areas, poor cell phone coverage does not meet union requirements. With MOTOTRBO and RBX +Plus, mobile workers have the assurance that they can always call for help.

Teldio also offers two applications for mobile worker monitoring. MDN works directly on the MOTOTRBO radio and detects falls and lack of movement with the radio’s motion sensor. Alternatively CLW sends ‘Alive Checks’ to mobile workers to periodically verify their well-being.


Frequent User Groups

  • Plant operators
  • Plant maintenance workers
  • Plant power engineers
  • Security guards
  • Field service engineers
  • Field electrical engineers
  • Supervisors, managers and superintendents
Teldio Apps have been tried and tested in both power generation and power transmission environments. We welcome the opportunity to share with you more information on additional use cases of frequent user groups in utility environments!
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