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MOTOTRBO™ Voice and Data Apps for the Education Sector

For campuses to be well maintained and for schedules to run smoothly, multiple groups of employees need to coordinate among eachother. Teldio™ apps leverage the campus’ existing mobile communications networks and building infrastructure to increase productivity and improve responsiveness to day-to-day situations and emergencies. The apps target stress points identified in key areas including employee communication and alarm management and notification to ensure that student and employee safety is always at the forefront of work processes.

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Teldio’s Two-Radio Applications For The Hospitality Industry

Popular Use Cases

Keep Them Connected
RBX +Plus Make and receive internal and external phone calls from MOTOTRBO™ radios
RBX +Plus Give MOTOTRBO™ radios extensions on the corporate telephony system (PBX)
RBX +Plus Link service phones directly to groups of MOTOTRBO™ radios and connect a caller with the first radio user to answer the call
RBX +Plus Eliminate communication barriers between phone users (administrative staff, teachers and students) and mobile workers (maintenance, IT personnel, security) with talkgroups
RBX +Plus Twin a desk extension and a MOTOTRBO™ radio to never miss a call
RBX +Plus Make public announcements over the PA system directly from a MOTOTRBO™ radio
RBX +Plus
Record radio talkgroup chatter and phone to radio conversations for future playback
Keep Them Informed
ACS Generate work tickets, send them directly to MOTOTRBO radios and track their progression status
ACS Establish service buttons in slow traffic areas or for after-hours service calls for improved resource management
ACS Link alarms from building management systems like fire panels, elevators and HVAC systems directly to MOTOTRBO radios and other mobile devices to decrease response times to emergencies
ACS Receive notifications from buildings’ alarm systems directly on MOTOTRBO radios and mobile devices to improve response times
ACS Send notifications of incoming severe weather to mobile workers
Keep Them Safe
RBX +Plus Enable mobile workers to call for emergency help, either internally or to 9-1-1 operators
ACS Send notifications of emergencies such as on-campus intruders and evacuation orders directly to MOTOTRBO™ radios
RBX +Plus Link emergency call boxes to a security guard callgroup and connect the distressed student or employee with the first guard to answer the call
ACS Install panic buttons in high risk areas and automatically notify security guards of the location of an activated panic button
Mitigate liabilities set by union-approved work alone policies with lone worker monitoring

Solution Benefits

Keeping Them Connected

Keeping workers connected means that they have the means to communicate freely, from anywhere on campus, at any time. With Teldio’s RBX +Plus, workers are always connected with their MOTOTRBO™ radio. Parking garages, basements and boiler rooms no longer represent dead zones. They can make and receive phone calls directly from their radio handsets.

Managers, team supervisors and administrative employees can also dial into radio talkgroups and communicate with groups of radio users from any phone, at any time, from anywhere. With Teldio’s R2R and RBX +Plus applications, radio-to-radio and phone-to-radio conversations can also be recorded for increased auditing capability.


Keeping Them Informed

Keeping workers informed ensures that they make the best decisions based on real-time information. ACS sends workers notifications on their MOTOTRBO™ radios alerting them of alarms triggered from building systems, such as fire alarms, security alarms, HVAC systems, elevators and other sources that generate alarm outputs. This improves response times to emergencies and alarms, while limiting the negative impact felt by employees and students.

Workers can also receive work tickets directly on their radio handsets. ACS allows supervisors to generate work tickets and track their status from any computer on the network.

Keeping Them Safe

Keeping workers safe not only ensures that you comply with health and safety regulations, but that you put into practice your work alone policies.

Teldio offers two applications for lone worker safety. MDN works directly on the MOTOTRBO™ radio and detects falls and lack of movement with the radio’s motion sensor. CLW instead sends ‘Alive Checks’ to mobile workers to periodically verify their well-being. With Teldio’s RBX +Plus, workers are also able to call out for help to 9-1-1 operators directly from their MOTOTRBO™ radios. For employees working in administrative services roles, panic buttons have also become popular safety precaution. ACS allows panic buttons to send emergency notifications directly to Security MOTOTRBO™ radios.

In education environments, keeping students safe is also just as important. With RBX +Plus, emergency call boxes can also be linked directly to security radios to ensure rapid response when distressed students or employees require assistance.


Frequent User Groups

  • Managers and team supervisors
  • Maintenance workers
  • Security guards
  • Engineering and building services
  • IT Support Technicians
  • Event coordinators and staff
  • Parking lot attendants
Teldio Apps have been tried and tested in many different campus settings. We welcome the opportunity to share with you more information on additional use cases of frequent user groups in education environments!
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