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Product Update: ACS Smartphone App for Alarm Management & Panic Alerting

Product Update: ACS Smartphone App for Alarm Management & Panic Alerting

Teldio is proud to announce that our alarm management & panic alerting ACS smartphone application is now compatible with iOS devices! This addition makes it easier to deploy Teldio’s ACS solution at customer locations which utilize Smartphones.

Alarm Management with the ACS Smartphone App

Teldio’s Alarm Control System (ACS) is an automated, intelligent alarm management and notification system designed to dispatch alarm notifications and work tickets to the right person based on time, schedule and competency necessary to respond to the task.

Personnel are automatically notified of alarms triggered by building infrastructures such as fire alarms, HVAC systems, panic buttons and more. Alarms can be accepted, rejected and closed while the response is logged and recorded by ACS.

With the ACS Smartphone App, users can receive alarms directly on their Android or iOS device while their smartphone is connected to the Internet via Cellular Data or Wifi. (highlight this part with bold and/or orange lettering too cause that’s the focus).


Panic Alerting

The ACS Smartphone App can also be used summon help in panic situations. The users can press and hold the red button on the app for a preset amount of seconds to discretely send an alarm to the ACS. When the ACS receives the panic message it automatically dispatches the panic message to the appropriate response team on various outlets including MotoTRBO radios, mobile phones, laptop, and email enabled devices.

To learn more download the brochure or contact our sales team!


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